Maggie Carey – Inside the Life of Bill Hader’s Ex-wife

Behind Bill Hader’s professional life is his marital life with Maggie Carey and for fans of Saturday Night Live (SNL), Bill Hader is a household name, having starred as the main cast on the NBC legendary variety show for eight good years (2005-2013). Among his other numerous works as a comic actor, it was SNL that shot Bill to fame. Meanwhile,

Despite having built her career over the years as a screenwriter, producer, and actress, Maggie Carey’s popularity leans heavily on her being Bill Hader’s wife. Now the popular comedian’s ex-wife, Maggie has taken a new turn in her life path. Join us as we take a closer look at how it has been like for Maggie, from her early years to meeting, marrying, and divorcing Bill – plus other interesting facts.

Maggie Carey Bio

Maggie Carey was born in 1975 in Boise in Ada County of Idaho, United States. Her precise birth date is not available.

Carey grew up in her birthplace where she attended the Jackson Elementary school, West Junior High School and subsequently the Borah High School, graduating in 1993. During her high school days, Carey was a very bright student, participating in virtually all Advanced Placement classes. She also actively participated in numerous extracurricular activities including being a member of the student council, a player in the All-American Soccer team, and a lifeguard at the Borah pool.

After graduating from high school, Maggie Carey proceeded to the University of Montana, earning a Bachelors Degree in English Literature in 1997. At Montana, Carey continued playing soccer and served as a co-captain in the Division 1 team. Maggie later studied and earned a Masters Degree in Film Production from the University of Texas, Austin.


On completing her education, Maggie Carey delved into acting and comedy. Her first step was joining two improvisation troupes – New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York and Los Angeles Improv Olympics West. As time went by, Carey graduated from just a stage actress to a screenwriter, director, and producer.

In 2007, she partnered with fellow actress and comedy writer, Liz Cackowski to create The Jeannie Tate Show, an online talk show series starring Jeannie Tate and other guest actors including Rashida Jones, Bill Hader, Lonny Ross, and so on.

Maggie subsequently wrote and directed the 2013 romantic comedy feature film, The To Do List. The movie relived a part of Maggie’s life experiences having been set in her hometown of Idaho as well as featuring an over-achiever lead who graduated from high school in 1993, the same time Carey did.

In addition to The To Do List, Maggie is credited with numerous other works either as a writer, guest writer, director or producer including shorts, television series, and documentaries. Prominent among her works are: Funny or Die Presents (2011), Silicon Valley (2014), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2016-2019), The Last Man on Earth (2017-2018), Single Parents (2018), and Splitting Up Together (2019).

As an actress, she has starred in several films including Dance Club (2002), Jenny Clone (2005), Human Giant (2008), and Cinema Six (2012), among others.

Details of Her Family

Prior to her divorce, Maggie Carey’s family consisted of her husband, Bill Hader, and their three kids. Here’s how they started the family –

Maggie Carey met Bill Hader, an American comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer at a comedy sketch rehearsals in Los Angeles. One of Maggie’s college friends who was also working on comedies had invited her to the amateur comedy production section. She was captivated by Bill’s costume for the occasion – a shirtless overall which made her develop an interest in him. They became friends thereafter and later married on May 28, 2006.

Maggie Carey and Bill Hader – image source

They had three daughters – Hannah Kathryn, Harper, and Hayley Clementine. Their first daughter Hannah was born on 6th October 2009. Harper followed about three years later, precisely on 28 July 2012. Hayley finally arrived on 15th November 2014. The family of five lived in Los Angeles, California.

Unfortunately, Bill Hader filed for divorce in December 2017, five months after the couple ceased living together. The divorce proceedings subsequently came to a conclusion in March 2018. Although Hader cited irreconcilable differences, his very tight work schedule had always been a major strain on his marriage. He had earlier quit SNL to spend more time with his family. The sacrifice, however, appears not to have completely fixed the problem.

Other Interesting Facts About Bill Hader’s Ex-wife

  • Maggie Carey is three years older than her ex-husband. While she was born in 1975, Bill Hader was born in 1978. At the time of their wedding, the couple were 31 and 28 respectively.
  • All of Maggie’s three kids have “H” as their first name initials – Hannah, Harper, and Hayley. Could it be intentional or a coincidence?
  • Maggie is a very private personality. She, therefore, has no active account on any of the popular social media sites.
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