Magi Salah – 6 Things To Know About Mohamed Salah’s Wife

Popularity comes differently for everyone. For Magi Salah, she became famous through the influence of her husband, Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian Liverpool forward who has contributed a lot to African football both in the continent and the world at large. Not only is she famous because of her affiliation to the football veteran, she is also one of the most important women in his life. The footballer’s wife is said to be a very humble woman who despite the fame, has not forgotten her roots of being a Muslim, dressing like one, and visiting her hometown in Egypt as often as she can manage.

Since the beginning of his professional career in 2010, the goal-driven Mo Salah has moved from one phase to another. He has progressed from a local Football Club to international ones; Chelsea, Roma, and currently Liverpool. However, in his journey to greatness, Magi has stayed a steady part of his life right from their teenage years in Nagrig, Egypt.

Magi’s husband, Mo Salah, who is otherwise known as the Egyptian Messi, has for many years been part of the world of football and has entertained people with his tactics, dribbles, tapping, speed, finishing and more. However, people across the world respect and celebrate him more for the goals he always brings to the table. For his talent, he has won himself titles and trophies, cheers and songs of victory, sponsorship deals and numerous of others. For Magi’s constant support, on the other hand, she has also won herself admiration and respect from many across the globe.

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6 Things You Need to Know about Mohamed Salah’s Wife Magi Salah

Magi Salah who was born as Maji Mohammed Sadiq in Basyoun, Egypt, has continually gotten the attention of people, especially football fans. However, with all the fame she has gotten, she has decided to stay off cameras. Despite that, quite a number of facts have been gotten about her. Here are interesting things to know about her:

Magi Salah is a Twin

Reports have it that Magi has a twin sister named Mohab as well as two other sisters. Her twin sister is a graduate with a degree in Commerce. Different sources have reported that Magi has a degree in Biotechnology which she has not confirmed and as such, it has remained just another celebrity mystery.

She Fell in Love with Mo as a Teenager

While a teenager, Magi fell in love with Mo Salah and has remained so for a long time. Their parents used to work as teachers in a school in Nagrig where the two met. After years of dating, the two decided it was time to settle down on December 13, 2013. Their marriage took place in their hometown of Nagrig and the occasion was graced by many celebrities in Egypt. Also in attendance were their friends and family.


Magi Salah
Magi and Mo Salah, Daughter

Soon after their wedding, the football star and his wife made their home in North West England and in 2014, Magi Salah gave birth to their daughter, Makka Salah, a name given to her in honor of the Muslim holy land, Mecca.

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She is Her Husband’s Number Fan

Magi Salah is known to support her husband’s career. She has at many times been seen cheering him up. In 2018 when Salah got his golden boot, Magi went onto the pitch with their daughter, embraced her husband, celebrated him and watched as their little Makka stole the show when she decided to play with a ball until she netted it.

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Magi Salah is a Muslim

Magi Salah is a Muslim and like her husband, she shows it with confidence. She has never been spotted without her hijab (also known as the veil). Even with the criticism of people about the way Magi dresses, she seems not to care and has continued to look like the proud Muslim that she is.

She Has A Large Heart

Like Mo Salah, Magi is known for her charitable acts especially towards the less privileged as is the custom in Islam. However, she has decided not to say a thing to the media about that part of her life as many celebrity wives are known to do.

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