President Magufuli Trashes Union Day Celebration – Frugal Or Cheapskates?

In the spirit of financial management, President John Magufuli trashed an occasion as significant as the independence day for street cleaning in Tanzania. Now the Union day celebration has been trashed as well. As with the initial instance, some applaud the idea while others are not happy about this recurring development.

Yesterday, the 4th of April, 2016, Magufuli announced that the Union day’s celebration scheduled for the 26th of this month will be on the low. He also says that the funds for the celebration will be diverted into the provision of basic amenities. In one word, this is called cost-effectiveness.

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In many instances the Tanzanian president has shown beyond reasonable doubt that frivolities have no business milking the national economy dry. His austerity measures have been unprecedented in Tanzania. Instead of loud and colorful celebrations, the president decided to use the allocation for the celebration in the funding of the Mwanza roads in the north-west region of Tanzania.

People should cerebrate this day at home or continue with their personal business” – President Magufuli

Every 26th April marks the commemoration of the amalgamation of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar into the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964. The Union day is a national pubic holiday in Tanzania. As prominent as the celebration is, Magufuli sees more sense and need to provide basic social amenities instead of the celebration.

In the quest to better the economy through austerity measures, Magufuli has taken many shocking steps since he became president of Tanzania. He has put a stop to exorbitant travels of government officials; enforced the discovery of ghost workers and free education in Tanzania. Just last week, Magufuli also shared plans of slashing the salaries of top civil servants. From an annual earning of about $18,000, these civil servants will be earning a little less than half of the previous pay- $7000

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So when you bother if our dear president is being frugal or cheapskate? Cost effectiveness might just be the word you are looking for. From his point of view, the improvement of the roads will by far be of more benefits to the people than a celebration that will last a few minutes/hours, yet drain the national treasury. The meticulous and near perfectionist character chose to save more and spend for the right reasons only.

Known for a reputation of hard work and integrity, Magufuli is not dimming the lights of his “bulldozing agenda.”