Charles Kitwanga

In line with the rules and regulations of public service in Tanzania, President Magufuli has sacked the Home Affairs Minister, Charles Kitwanga for showing up to work under the influence of alcohol.

Before the termination of his appointment, the minister had earlier presented the presidency with the budget for the fiscal year in his ministry. Charles Kitwanga has served approximately 5 months in the ministry.

The presidency revoked the minister’s appointment and confirmed it in an official 2-paragraph statement. Charles Kitwanga, minister of Home Affairs, Tanzania was fired for being drunk on duty.

“There are rules and regulations in the public service that prohibit workers from drinking alcohol and getting drunk during working hours. Civil servants must have a clear mind to be able to perform government duties properly…”– Mr Kassim Majaliwa, Prime Minister

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Minister Charles Kitwanga arrived at the parliament stark drunk. Worse still, he made a mockery of their proceedings while giving incoherent responses.

It is reported that Suzan Kiwanga, a member of the parliament from the opposition party asked a question with regards to the disturbing delays of police facilities in Kilombero District.

“It has been 55 years in Kilombero District but police officers still lack housing while their counterparts in Mlimba State live in Tazara houses. How long should we give you to construct houses for police officers and build police stations?”

Charles Kitwanga replied thus:

“How old are you yourself? Do not ask the number of years it will take to construct police houses and police stations. Just believe we will construct them. You are my friend, so I can answer you as such.”

The minister made quite a number of awkward displays at the parliament. From pacing from one point to the other to the point of sarcastically approaching an official inquiry. He was also reported to have interrupted a member who was speaking and also harassed members who were already seated.

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The minister in question had been suspected to be involved in a couple of shady deals. This funny but serious parliamentary scenario rather presented a perfect opportunity to tackle the seeming excesses of the minister.

Charles Kitwanga, currently under investigations has been a member of the parliament (for Misungwi, Mwanza) since 2010. And this singular act of drunkenness has abruptly ended his career in the Tanzanian government.

The most striking in all of this ‘drunk minister’ episode is that the President has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is out to “bulldoze” any dent off his administration.

Report shows that the sacked minister is well acquainted with President Magufuli. Regardless of this fact, the President lived up to his reputation and campaign promises to accommodate zero corruption and complacency in his government.

“He is sending a strong message to all the leaders that no one is above the law and should be exemplary in executing his or her duties.”– Christopher Ole Sendeka, CCM Spokesperson.