Tanzania’s Magufuli Faces A Vote Of No Confidence From Parliament

Zitto Kabwe of Tanzanian opposition party, the Alliance for Democratic Change (ACT-Wazalendo), has threatened a motion of no confidence if Tanzanians are not saved from dying from hunger.

The opposition party leader Zitto Kabwe disclosed this during a campaign rally for Kijichi Ward councillor’s seat.

He said Magufuli may become Tanzania’s first ever president to be faced with a vote of no confidence in Parliament should people die for lack of food.

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Constitutionally, Parliament may debate a “No confidence vote” if at least 20 per cent of Members of Parliament support the move.

While the opposition in all fairness admitted that the president has effected a great deal of discipline in the nation, they still have their reservations and would rather not keep quiet when things are not going the way they are supposed to.

For instance they believe that not only have some of his statements hurt wananchi, but they have also been scaring away investors.

Zitto Kabwe said:

“It is not right for the President to address the masses as if he was still in the election campaigns. He should focus on building the country as well as generating employment opportunities.”

“We, ACT-Wazalendo are urging the President to be responsive because this is a democratic country; not everyone holding a different view over matters of the country (contrary to that of the government) has been bribed.”

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Perhaps the move for the confidence vote by the opposition was prompted by what they consider a delayed response to the drought situation in the country.

According to report, regional government officials have urgently hinted that the drought is taking a toll on livestock. However, the national government is yet to give a reliable response to the disaster.

It said that Magufuli downplayed the urgency to address the drought condition. The president reportedly said there was no famine threat, and as such would not give food relief to anyone.

The drought situation has been a point of great concern for the people, so much so that the Tanzanian clergy have urged the people to pray to God for rain.