Maina Kageni Biography – Daughter, Salary and Gay Rumors

Maina Kageni is one of those Kenyans who has remained as interesting as ever in the eyes of the public. A strong Red devil fan and lover of football, the man is currently a Breakfast Show presenter with Mwalimu King’ang’i on Nairobi’s Classic 105 Radio Station.

Many questions have always emerged on the man in serious things such as his bio and family life, as well as the very simple things such as his cars and salary. Here are some basic things you need to know about Maina Kageni:

Maina Kageni Bio

It was on 29 June 1974, that Maina was born. The Classic 105 FM man began his primary education at Westlands Primary School. From here, he moved on to obtain his high school education from Laser Hill Academy.

After he was through with his secondary education, he was sent to the United Kingdom to further his academic pursuit. However, he decided, unknowingly to his family, not to pursue a college degree. Instead, the man went on to find different jobs including one with a Chinese firm in which he was a driver, and it was when his mother went for his graduation that she realized that her son hadn’t even gone to school.

Even as his mother thought he had failed in life by not going to college and she would rather have him remain in the UK than return home, Kageni got back to Kenya and landed a job with Radio Africa. That was how he was able to rise to where he is today.

Does he have a daughter or wife and Is he gay?

One of the questions people keep asking is whether Maina Kageni is gay or not. The reason behind this is that even as the man is over 40, he has not been linked seriously to any woman.

There was a list that was purportedly drawn which had his name among other Kenyan celebrities that were perceived to be gay. The radio star did not take the matter likely because as it will later be revealed, he is not gay.

Probably because he is a man who has maintained his life away from the public, there have been many rumours about him. Another is that he is married and more rumours about his wedding and wife. In 2015, he posted a picture of himself and a woman with two kids on social media, and because of that, a lot of people quickly assumed that the woman was his wife, while the kids were his children. Surprisingly enough though, nothing more has been heard of either the lady or the kids.

Something else that many people have been asking is on Maina Kageni’s daughter. What is very mysterious about this question is that no one knows how it began because no one has ever claimed to be carrying the radio personality’s daughter or anything of the sort.

The only thing that is revealed about his relationship is that he once dated a lady called Ann, and she was his first lover.

Salary, Cars, and Net worth

Apart from being a radio personality, Kageni is also many things in one, as he believes so much in investment. While he is into estates and owns properties in different parts of the world, the man also used to be a car dealer, just as he also has other investments.

Looking at what he is making each month as salary, there have been some reports that indicate that Maina Kageni goes home with between Sh1.2 million to Sh1.8 million.

The overall net worth of the man is unknown for now, but with his rich salary, cars, properties, and investment, no decent amount will entirely be surprising as his net worth.

20 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Maina Kageni

1. Maina Kageni never attended college but life offered more opportunities than most people, he is also in the learning process

2. Cold Fanta orange was his first drink

3. His dream girl is one full of ambition and life kind of girl

4. Maina Kageni won a lunch voucher on Capital FM with Zain Verjee on his first time in fame and happily went to pick it

5. His First girlfriend was called Anne, had a nice nose and had to go down.

6. His best friend is Shaffie Weru.

7. His best experience is when someone gains something meaningful and life-changing from his show.

8. His dream car is Range Rover Vogue 2013.

9. Maina Kageni bought his first car which is a Ford Fiesta in the UK  for 1100 Pounds

10. His best team is  Manchester United, he is a die-hard fan and has been to Old Trafford and held the Premier League Trophy.

Image courtesy of Jonnie

11. His worst moment was Going to work late one day and thinking of sneaking into the office without the bosses’ knowledge.

12. Maina Kageni is already living his dream job

13. He was formerly into car dealership

14.  His first kiss was with his same girlfriend called Anne

15.  His favourite cologne is 212 Cologne For Men.

16. Maina Kageni’s Best advice- is to “Treat anyone the way you would like them to treat you”.

17. His favourite local Apparel is Mwanaume ni effort, mwanamke ni standards

18. Maina Kageni’s Favourite song-You Guy by P-unit

19.His best moment at work was Interviewing reggae and dancehall sensation Shaggy.

20. Words of encouragement – Do your thing, follow your dreams, work hard, be thankful and be aware that haters are good for you, never mind them talking about you.


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