How to Make Money in Africa

The biggest problem facing the African society is poverty, which leads to a host of many other problems including hunger, conflicts, wars, diseases, unemployment among several others. Africa is that part of the world where you can achieve full education (pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education), qualify for a career, and still fail to get a job.

Part of the problem is lack of employment opportunities and the so-called white-collar mentality. By white-collar I mean professional, managerial or administrative work (or simply office work). I know many people who have achieved professional training but are asking why they should settle for anything less than their qualification. In most African countries, there are less employment opportunities in the white-collar job category than other types of work (blue-collar).

The good news is that many young Africans are asking how to make money in Africa. This is good news because they are ready to diversify and find other opportunities to make a living. With the correct approach, it is possible to tap into the wealth that exist in the continent or use your skills, talents and intelligence to earn from other fields. To make money in Africa, several steps are available to follow.

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How to Make Money in Africa – Step by Step

How to Make Money in Africa

Step 1: What are your capabilities and interests?

One of the reasons why Africans cannot develop is that people seldom pursue their interests. Most African countries’ education systems are those of colonial government with very little or no changes leading to graduates with qualifications unrelated to their interests. If you want to make money in Africa, you need to know what your interests, talents and skills are. Consider the most successful Africans especially sportsmen and women. They realized their talents, interest and capabilities and pursued them.

Step 2: Identify a Problem

Successful people are problem solvers. If you want to make money in Africa, you have to identify a problem. Is it hunger, disease, education or unemployment? You should start with your surrounding. What is missing and what are those things the inhabitants cannot do without. You have to remember to be realistic especially if you are starting from point zero. Create a list of the problems and their possible solutions.

 Step 3: Where can you step in?

The list you created in step 2 above should act as your guide. Based on your qualification, skills, talents, what can you provide? For example, if the people need education then you can invest in an educational facility that will address their needs or just provide the education yourself at a fee if you have the qualification. You can start a business that offer the goods and/or services that the people are in need of. You can even offer consultancy services that would offer solutions to those problems.

 Step 4: Use What Is At Your Disposal

As mentioned above, most people tend to look for money through employment and tend to get frustrated when they cannot find a job placement. One truth that has stood the test of time is that your help is within you. Many Africans are intelligent, skilled and talented but fail to take advantage of what they have to make money.

If you are well-informed then you will know that the billionaires of this world never waited to get white-collar jobs or help from anyone to reach their status. One of the best things that happened to this world was the invention of the internet. Many parts of Africa have already been penetrated by the internet. You can use the knowledge you acquired through education to work online and there are so many opportunities.

For instance, you can be a freelance writer in your field of qualification, you can apply to be a virtual assistant, set up a blog or do affiliate marketing among other options. There are endless online opportunities for making money in Africa. You just need to know how to go about it. In addition, you can start a home business where you provide services to your neighbors, especially if you are living in an urban setting.



Aside these few mentioned above, there are still ways to make money in Africa. One would argue that some Africans are penniless because they have decided to do nothing. Ignorance is not permissible. Now you have enough information to enable you start making decent income. Follow those steps and you will start seeing opportunities where others do not and tap into them. Remember nothing is easy and so you need to be ready to work hard.

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