Makhadzi Nearly Became Master KG’s Wife Before Calling It Quits – A Look Into Their Failed Relationship

As a popular South African musician, Makhadzi is often in the news. She often gets talked about by her many fans on social media as her music is discussed and her achievements are hailed. However, one of the most discussed aspects of her life is her failed relationship with fellow South African musician, Master KG.

Master KG and Makhadzi were together and almost made it to the alter as husband and wife before they publicly broke up in 2020 . At that time, their break up was attributed to them focusing on their careers. Reports of the rekindling of their relationship were first reported in November 2021 despite their messy break up.

While they were together, the couple seized the attention of the public with their love story. This was not surprising considering the fact they are both successful in their individual music careers.

However, even though things seemed to be rosy for the couple at the start, the fans of Makhadzi and Master KG were shocked when news emerged that their favorite musicians had parted ways. Soon, the couple also confirmed they are no more together. Makhadzi and Master KG have both moved on with their lives, pursuing their dreams and achieving more success career-wise.

How Makhadzi and Master KG Met and Fell In Love

The story of how Makhadzi and Master KG met is quite an interesting one. The exact time that the couple first met is not very clear but it is widely believed that they got to meet each other sometime in 2016. At the time, they had both already started making music. They became friends at first before anything romantic began between them.

It all started in a recording studio. Talking about how they met, the couple once revealed that they got to know each other when they met at a studio. Master KG explained that he was in the studio working when Makhadzi walked in to also make music. He caught her attention and she asked him to collaborate on a song with her. He agreed and they bonded over their love for music. According to Master KG, he agreed to collaborate on the song because he liked her sound.

Master KG went on to reveal that as they began to work together, he began to get fond of her. The more they worked together, the more he became attached to her and the more he fell in love with her and her art. However, even though she was also fond of Master KG, Makhadzi explained that at first, she didn’t think she would end up dating the singer. She thought of him as more of a best friend. However, as fate would have it, they fell in love.

Makhadzi and Master KG

Their Romance Hit The Limelight At The Peak Of Their Fame

When Makhadzi and Master KG first fell in love, they made sure that their romance was a secret. No fan of theirs knew they were an item. They continued making music together, making videos and appearing in several collaborative efforts. In 2019, Master KG featured Makhadzi in the song titled “Tshikwama” which was released off his Jerusalema album. The song helped to boost Makhadzi’s career growth.

Makhadzi and Master KG continued to date for about three years straight into 2020 without anyone knowing. By this time, they were already huge superstars. In 2020, Master KG had already become a globally renowned superstar whose hit songs were causing serious waves around the world. The song “Jerusalema” had even kickstarted a dance challenge that was taking the world by storm. By this time, he had also won several awards, including the MTV Europe Music Awards, NJR Music Awards, and many others. He was having the best time of his life.

On her own part, Makhadzi was also already quite a big deal in South Africa. She was highly sought after and often regarded as Limpopo’s queen of dance music. The singer was popular among music lovers. When she performed at the 2020 DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards, she did so well that her performance was hailed as one of the best performances of the night on social media. Also, way back in 2017, she had won the LMAC Award for Best Tshivenda hit.

Clearly, in the year 2020, both Makhadzi and Master KG were riding high with success individually and their love was waxing strong even though no one knew about it yet. However, even though they did not make their romance a public affair, they were so close that fans began to suspect that they were together romantically. The rumors began to spread around the internet that the couple was in love. But nothing was certain at first.

Finally, in mid-2020, it was eventually confirmed that they were dating after both Makhadzi and Master KG opened up about their romance.

Why They Dated In Secret For A While

Speaking about why they hid their romance at first, Master KG explained that they wanted to wait for the right time to confirm their relationship because they knew that timing was everything. They also didn’t want to let the pressures of a relationship in the public eye derail their musical progress which was why they remained silent for a while.

Makhadzi was full of praise for Master KG. According to her, the Jerusalema crooner was the one person who really pushed her to success by encouraging her to stick to her Venda roots and sing in her mother tongue. She also explained that Master KG took the time to show her the ropes and offer her advice on what type of music sells in contemporary times.

Social media was agog when it was confirmed that Makhadzi and Master KG were in love. Fans took to the couple’s social media handles to express approval of their beautiful romance. Some fans soon started asking when Makhadzi and Master KG would get married. However, the couple repeatedly ignored the questions.

Were They Ever Engaged?

After the couple announced that they were dating, fans began to notice that Makhadzi was wearing a ring on her finger. This sparked rumors that she may have gotten engaged to Master KG and that they may soon be heading to the altar to get married. Makhadzi had the same ring on her finger in several snaps and seemed to be quick in flaunting it at every given opportunity, giving rise to even more speculations that she was really engaged.

However, Makhadzi never spoke about being engaged to Master KG and neither did Master KG confirm that he was engaged to Makhadzi. Therefore, we cannot state categorically that the couple took their romance to the level of engagement. What we know is that they were all over each other and appeared to be deeply in love.

How The Couple Shattered Fans With Their Break Up

Following the confirmation of Makhadzi and Master KG’s romance, it seemed as if everything was going well for the couple. Sadly, just shortly after their romance was confirmed, another rumor began to spread that there was trouble in paradise and that the couple had parted ways. The rumors startled fans because only a while ago, everything seemed fine with the celebrity couple.

Eventually, in August 2020, Makhadzi and Master KG confirmed that they had parted ways and were no more in a romantic relationship. It seemed as if reaching new heights of success worked entirely against the couple who had caught attention with their love story. Master KG made the confirmation of their split on Facebook after fans had flooded him with questions about his relationship status.

In the post he made, Master KG did not reveal what caused their breakup. However, he did say that they were going their separate ways to make time to focus on their respective careers. He also said he would no more be taking questions on the subject. Soon after he made the announcement, Makhadzi also confirmed the split by commenting on Master KG’s post and asking fans to respect their decision to part ways.


Did Master KG Take Makhadzi’s Virginity?

In November 2020, months after she had broken up with Master KG, Makhadzi sparked rumors that she was back in a romance with the singer after she made a very curious comment while congratulating him. Master KG had just won the Icon of The Year Award at The SA Style Awards and Makhadzi was sending him a congratulatory message.

In her message, she wrote “Congratulations mukwasha” and this got many people very curious. Fans who searched Google for the direct translation of Mukwasha in English found out that the word meant ‘son-in-law.’ However, other fans delved deeper into the meaning of the word and revealed that the ancient meaning of the word was actually “a person who broke your virginity.” This caused some stir with many fans believing that it was Master KG who took Makhadzi’s virginity.

However, this has obviously not been confirmed. Also, Makhadzi and Master KG are not back together.

Who Is Makhadzi Dating At The Moment?

At the moment, it appears that Makhadzi has fallen in love with a new man months after her split from Master KG. This new man has been identified as Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, a businessman. They have been spotted together several times striking cozy poses and hanging out. Some reports have also claimed that the businessman has bought a studio for Makhadzi and that he is sponsoring some of her gigs.

However, these are all speculations because neither Makhadzi nor Zwivhuya Nelwamondo has confirmed that they are dating. Perhaps, with time, the cat will be let out of the bag for all to see.


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