Malawi Bans Foreign Witch Doctors Believed To Perpetrate Albino Killings

Malawi has banned foreign witch doctors from carrying out their work on its soil.

This is in a bid to curb the Albino murders that has constantly plagues the South African nation in recent times.

President Mutharika’s chief political adviser Dr Hetherwick Ntaba has said that only herbalists who adhere to a certain code of conducts will be allowed to carry out their practices.

“Foreign witch-doctors should immediately stop plying their trade in Malawi. We have just learnt that some witch-doctors who were banned in Tanzania and others from Mozambique fled to Malawi and are fueling attacks on people with albinism. They must be deported,” he said.

He believes the foreign witch doctors are the ones perpetrating Albino hunting, lying to gullible Malawians who are hungry for success that the secret lies in Malawian body parts which they deem special for its lack of the melanin pigment.

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The President of the Traditional Healers Association of Malawi, Frank Manyowa approved the ban. He echoed Dr Ntaba’s statements, accusing the foreign witch doctors of practicing something different from what the local healers do.

“We, the traditional healers, simply heal various ailments using plants with medicinal nutrients. It’s the foreign witch-doctors and soothsayers who are perpetrating the killings because of their belief in black magic

“Local magicians must be arrested and jailed while foreign magicians should deported back to their countries,” he said adding that success can only come through hard-work and innovation.

This comes at a time when Malawians are fed up of having only the Albino hunters imprisoned while the witch doctors go scot-free.

The albino-hunting menace in Malawi is so dire that some parents have withdrawn their kids with albinism from school for fear that they will be kidnapped by these Albino-hunters.

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The Malawian government is however working towards placing children with Albinism in boarding schoosl to curb the attacks on them.

“The Ministry of Education will place children who are failing to go to school for fear of being attacked in boarding schools with appropriate security arrangements made for them,” Dr Ntaba said.