Malcolm Ford – 7 Interesting Things To Know About Harrison Ford’s Son

Malcolm Ford is the son of Harrison Ford, the legendary Hollywood actor. Born on October 3, 1987, Malcolm is a 36 year-old American vocalist and musician who’s part of the band The Dough Rollers. 

Malcolm Ford is quite unlike his dad, especially with his appearance which is totally different. When you consider his unkempt red hair and the plethora of tattoos inscribed on his person, you will agree that he is the complete opposite of his father, besides, he followed a different career path too even though he has still managed to appear in one movie.

The young artist’s talent lies in music where he is busy making a name for himself away from the shadows of his iconic actor dad. While Malcolm is yet to achieve mainstream fame, he is working relentlessly to make it to the top, a feat he might soon achieve with the creation of his promising band, Dough Rollers, who have started to gain a fair share of popularity. The band has embarked on tours with notable names like John Mellencamp.

Summary of Malcolm Ford’s Biography

  • Full name: Malcolm Ford
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: October 3, 1987
  • Place of birth: Wyoming, USA
  • Malcolm Ford’s Age: 36 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Malcolm Ford’s Parents: Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison
  • Siblings: Willard Ford, Georgia Ford, Ben Ford, Liam Flockhart
  • Profession: Vocalist, Musician
  • Band: The Dough Rollers
  • Malcolm Ford’s Height in Inches: 6 ft 4 in
  • Malcolm Ford’s Height in Centimeters: 193
  • Famous for: Being the son of the legendary Hollywood actor Harrison Ford

7 Interesting Things To Know About Malcolm Ford

1. He Portrayed Himself in Water to Wine

The 2004 movie Water to Wine is centered on a young guy widely recognized as the best snowboarder worldwide until he finds himself in jail. Malcolm Ford depicted his own character in the movie, same as some other members of the cast. However, the only exception is Harrison Ford, Malcolm’s real dad, who played a leading role in the movie, portraying the character of a bus driver called Jethro. The film, which is written and directed by Willie McMillon, happens to be the only production where Malcolm has appeared so far.

2. He Has Many Siblings

Malcolm Ford has numerous siblings from his father’s multiple marriages. Harrison Ford was first married to veteran chef Mary Marquardt; with whom he had two children; Ben and Willard Ford. Willard grew up to become a fitness trainer with his own gym located in LA while Ben earns a living as a successful restaurateur and chef, just like his mum. The artist’s only direct sibling is his sister Georgia Ford who towed the same line as their dad. She is currently creating a niche for herself in the movie world with productions like American Milkshake and True Story to her credit.

However, Malcolm Ford’s dad has since embarked on a third marriage with actress Calista Flockhart. He has gone ahead to adopt the actresses son Liam who is now the artist’s stepbrother.

3. He is a Part of a Band

Malcolm Ford
Malcolm Ford doing what he knows best image source

Though he did not follow the same path with either of his parents, Malcolm Ford still received some creative genes from them. He has decided to follow a profession in the music world and currently belongs to a band known as The Dough Rollers where he serves as the lead singer and back-up guitarist. The band’s co-founder, Jack Byrne, further contributes with vocals and also plays the guitar. The band has been around for quite some time and are signed to Third Man Records.

4. His Mum Died in  2015

Like her husband, Malcolm Ford’s mum, Melissa Mathison, was also part of the entertainment world where she worked as a screenwriter. Some of her work includes Black Stallion, The Indian in the Cupboard, The BFG, Kundun, and E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial. Unfortunately, Melissa died in LA on the 4th of November 2015 as a result of complications from neuroendocrine cancer.

5. He Is a Fan of Tattoos

Unlike his father who has what can be described as a clean-cut look, the vocalist is the typical rock star with his untidy red hair and a good number of tattoos on different parts of his body.

6. His Net worth is Inching Towards a Million

Malcolm Ford may not be in the same league as his dad who is part of the crème de la crème of the entertainment world, but he is painstakingly building his own wealth which is believed to be close to $1 million. This is nothing compared to his father’s net worth of $230 million but the young man has time on his side.

7. Malcolm Ford’s Relationship History

Despite all the differences, Malcolm still has something in common with his father. Both keep the details of their personal life under lock and key, however, it is public knowledge that he had a romantic relationship with model Jessica Stam the same year that his music career took-off.

Key Facts About Malcolm Ford, Harrison Ford’s Son

1. Who is Malcolm Ford?

Malcolm Ford is an American musician born on October 3, 1987, to actor Harrison Ford and screenwriter Melissa Mathison. He has a sister, Georgia, and three brothers, Ben, Willard, and an adopted brother, Liam.

2. How is Malcolm Ford related to Harrison Ford?

Malcolm is the second child and first son of the famous actor Harrison Ford from his second marriage to screenwriter Melissa Mathison.

3. How did Malcolm Ford start his music career?

Malcolm formed The Dough Rollers in 2008 with his friend Jack Byrne. They met in New York, where Byrne taught Malcolm to play the guitar. Their shared love for blues music and other interests, such as marijuana and Call of Duty, formed the basis of their friendship and later their band.

4. How did Malcolm Ford deal with his parents’ divorce?

Malcolm reportedly had a hard time dealing with his parents’ divorce and turned to drugs. However, he later sought help and was admitted to a rehab facility, where he successfully overcame his addiction.

5. What happened to Malcolm Ford’s mother, Melissa Mathison?

Melissa Mathison, Malcolm’s mother, passed away on November 4, 2015, due to neuroendocrine cancer. Malcolm was reportedly very close to his mother, and her death deeply affected him.

10. Who are Malcolm Ford’s siblings?

Malcolm has a sister named Georgia and two half-brothers from his father’s first marriage, Ben and Willard. He also has an adoptive brother, Liam, from Harrison Ford’s third marriage to Calista Flockhart.

11. What do we know about Malcolm Ford’s education?

Malcolm went to a school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, far from the Hollywood spotlight. This allowed him to have a relatively normal childhood despite his father’s fame.

12. What is Malcolm Ford’s net worth?

As of now, Malcolm Ford has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million, primarily earned from his career as a musician.


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