See Who Also Has A Problem With Gordhan Pravin

Gordhan Pravin’s probe appears to be the rave of the moment in South African politics.

While the Hawks have summoned the accused minister for questioning, he has declined and in fact rebuffed the invitation regardless of legal consequences.

The Minister maintains there was no legal binding whatsoever to play by their (Hawks) rules.

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On that note Julius Malema, the EFF leader for the first time agrees with the pro-Zuma faction that the Minister must surrender to probing by the Hawks.

Malema states that the point most people are missing is that the Minister is not above the law and must respect the law to the latter in order to show good example to South Africans. He says two wrongs do not make a right.

“Why would Pravin refuse to go to the Hawks? Why would Pravin try to behave like he is untouchable?

“You don’t correct a wrong by doing wrong. Pravin must subject himself to the Hawks. It doesn’t matter how many drunkards are leading the Hawks today. Respect the institution called the Hawks.”

“When you are called by such institutions, as a political figure, you must restore and protect the image and the credibility of that institution. You just go.”

“He [thinks] he is the most powerful man. He is untouchable. If you touch him the markets will react. We can’t have a minister appointed by markets.”

He also says that Gordhan’s refusal to answer the Hawks is only making a mockery of the nation’s presidency and the legal system.

Malema says that Gordhan Pavin’s probe is based on his business interests and not for his duty as a SARS chief in the past.

“The only thing which people can have legitimately against him is his business interest. A minister of finance having shares at Standard Bank, yet he must still supervise an institution that must supervise the banks”.

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Julius Malema is a vibrant political leader who had a fallout with ANC party leaders and founded the Economic Freedom Fight Movement in 2013. His passion is to revive socio-political empowerment for the black community in South Africa.

He believes that despite the freedom from apartheid, the white minority still own a majority of lands and economic power in South Africa.

“Pravin [Gordhan] has shares in all the companies you can think of, and then we are talking about state capture because the Guptas have captured Zwane. We don’t speak about how the Ruperts and them have captured Pravin and white monopoly capital has captured Treasury.”

Malema believes that Gordhan and the past SARS chiefs are all guilty of working for the white monopoly capital.