Malema’s Degree: Education As Key To Emancipation Of Black Natives

Malema’s Degree– EFF leader Julius Malema received a BA Honours in Philosophy on September 6, 2017.

Putting a commendable end to a 2 year programme, Malema admits that it was tasking to study and at the same time be at the front line of politics.

Malema was honored with the degree at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Prof Mandla Makhanya, Unisa Principal and Vice Chancellor during the occasion at ZK Matthews Hall acknowledged how tedious it could be to study for a degree while serving as a leader of a political party.

He congratulated Julius Malema alongside other graduates.

“We wish him the best and hope he will continue with his educations by doing so to encourage young people to take education serious in order to uplift their lives.”

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Overjoyed with his academic achievement, Malema said he had to make serious adjustments in order to accommodate the educational pursuit. He says he had been torn in between his education and active participation in politics.

Malema narrated how he had to abandon and re-schedule an exam at a time in order to fulfill his political responsibilities.

“I was not going to attend the State of the Nation [Address]. When I heard that he [President Jacob Zuma] called the soldiers to Parliament, I had to abandon that exam and go and lead from the front, because I was not going to allow a situation where EFF members were going to confront the soldiers and I would be absent.”

Malema is the vibrant founder of the EFF political movement now party.

In previous rallies, he had stressed the importance of formal education. Attaining this academic height will serve as a proof to his words.

Malema's Degree

Once, he had publicly accused President Zuma of illiteracy and blamed his incompetence to poor educational background. It is his belief that with an improved rate of education in the black South African community, marginalization will be tackled.

Malema’s degree is viewed as a source of inspiration for the black SA community.

He said this during one of EFF’s rallies in January 2017,

“It is threatening white privilege, white supremacy and capitalism because when you are educated, who is going to be a domestic worker in the house of a white man? Who is going to provide the cheap labour?” 

“If we can challenge the system and make more people educated, then economic freedom is going to be achieved.”

On another occasion he blamed the white supremacist Afrikaans for promoting the high illiteracy rates of black South Africans.

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Malema's Degree

In what seems to be a follow up and backing of that claim, Malema’s dissertation for his honours degree, according to News24, focused on the Afrikaans language as a spillway for white supremacy.

“I strongly believe Afrikaans is being used to perpetuate white supremacy in South Africa and it is an issue that I believe, even black African people who are speaking Afrikaans agree with [this belief].”

“When you say Afrikaans must fall, it’s not necessarily against the people who speak Afrikaans, but it’s against Afrikaans as a symbol that perpetuates whiteness and therefore it must fall.”

Malema was honored with his degree in the presence of his wife, grandmother and supporters.