Man Hijacks EgyptAir Flight Just To Give A Letter To Estranged Wife

Early on Tuesday, a man who claimed to be wearing explosive belts hijacked an EgyptAir flight that was bound for Egypt’s capital, Cairo from Alexandria. Although the aviation authorities could not tell if his claim on having an explosive belt was true, the pilot Omar El Gamal didn’t take any chances, allowing the plane which had at least 81 passengers to make an emergency stop at Larnaca, Cyprus.

When the plane arrived in Cyprus, the passengers were shown leaving the plane and being taken to safety while a man in a black jacket was seen to be escaping through the cockpit. The man who was suspected to be a terrorist identified as Seif Eldin Mustafa, he was later arrested by Cyprus authorities

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“The hijacker has just been arrested,” Cyprus government spokesman Nikos Christodoulides said on Twitter, adding a few minutes later, “All passengers and crew are safe.”

Reports that Mustafa was wearing explosives was proved false as investigations discovered that the ‘explosive belt’ was in fact a belt with phones . The investigations also showed that Mustafa did not hijack the plane for terrorist reasons but to deliver a letter to his ex-wife who is a Cypriot.

Mustafa who was described as being “unstable” and an “idiot” is being questioned by Cprus authorities. His estranged wife, Marina Parashkou is reportedly being summoned to help assist with investigations concerning Seif Eldin Mustafa.

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In the tweet below, Mustapha is pictured in a selfie with one of the passengers.

Social media users have criticized the hijack of the EgyptAir flight. While some thought the Egyptian was indeed raising the bar for men in order to get back a loved one, some thought he was seriously crazy and in need of a mental check-up.