Mandy Kay Biography – Age, Height and Body Measurements of The Model

Mandy Kay is one of the social media models who has made name for herself online. The Playboy model may be young, but she has successfully carved a niche for herself as a twerk dancer and a model. Besides, having played a supporting role in a movie, she may as well be identified as an actress. Here is the biography, height, age, body measurements of this fast-rising model.

Mandy Kay’s Age and Biography

The charming model was born Mandy Kay in Dallas, Texas on the 14th day of January 1995. Information regarding the identities of her parents is unknown at the moment, although the model has confirmed that she is from an American family – which puts the question of her origin to rest. Looking at the time she began her modeling career, it would be concluded that her parents are in support of her career choice.

As much as we may like to tell you about her educational background, we just cannot do so as Mandy Kay is yet to reveal anything concerning her education. But looking at her activities and carriage, it will not be out of place to assume that she is educated.

Career Progress

Kay’s passion for modeling manifested when she was just eight but she began modeling officially at the age of sixteen after she attended a modeling audition that held in Dallas for Playboy Magazine. Luckily for her, she made the selection for the popular Playboy Magazine, but she waited till adult age of eighteen years before posing half-clad or unclad for pictures. Thus her first nude picture was taken sometime in May 2014 precisely when she clocked nineteen years.

Following the adulation she garnered from the picture, Mandy was named the Playboy’s Cybergirl in October 2014. A feat that projected her to the limelight. Haven made her mark, she went on to appear in several adult-rated films going by pseudo names such as Amanda Nance, Mandykay18, Midnight Mandy as well as More Mandy which brought her wider prominence.

When it comes to twerking dance steps, Mandy Kay has got the steps and boogie. Some of her dance videos were uploaded on the defunct video-sharing app, Vine. Besides, she has collaborated with her fellow Instagram star, Jessica Vanessa, in making videos. Her twerking skills as can be seen in the videos she uploads have been prasied by her fans and viewers who have dubbed her the ‘Twerk Dance Queen’.

Many of her sexy pictures stacked in her Instagram account with the username @mandykaynxtdoor were sadly inaccessible in November of 2017 as her handle was disabled. The reason for disabling the account was neither made known by Mandy Kay nor other sources. The account had over 600k followers before it was taken down. Notwithstanding, the twerk queen is very much active on Twitter as well as Facebook where she commands more than 25k and 325k followers respectively.

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In her quest to explore her other talents, the beautiful Mandy Kay starred in a horror and humor themed movie titled Bronson. The British fiction film that was released in 2008 centered on the life of a troublesome prison inmate whose criminal life got hardened after being in solitary confinement for a long period. She also has featured in another film – a comedy and musical film – titled Striporama where she took up a self-titled role.

Having garnered the needed fame in the modeling industry, it has rubbed off on her earnings and income. Her endorsement deal with Playboy Magazine reportedly see her receive about $30,000 per annum. This is in addition to other endorsement deals and sponsored adverts on her Instagram page before it was disabled. Although there is no clear cut figure as regards to her net worth, it is expected that the figure attributed to her would not be anything less than the million cadre.

Height And Body Measurements of The Model

Mandy Kay has an alluring pear-shaped body. She commands a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.58 m) and body mass of 59.8 kilograms (132.2 lb). As a model, Mandy takes the pain in working out in order to maintain her physique. Her other body measurements are reported as bust-waist-hips: 33-24-34 inches respectively. The model’s body is her strongest asset which she readily flaunts.

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