All The Teams Manny Machado Has Played For, His Career Earnings and All About His Wife

Ever since he made his MLB debut in 2012, third baseman and shortstop, Manny Machado, has gone on to set several records and win many accolades in what has undoubtedly been a flourishing career. The Dominican-American baseball player has been named an MLB All-Star on no less than four occasions and has also received the Golden Glove award (given the MLB player deemed to be the best at each fielding position) twice. He also holds the record for being just the second player in MLB history to hit a home run in each of the first three innings of a game, a feat he achieved in August 2016.

All these accolades and exploits have not gone unnoticed and Machado has been financially well rewarded by the teams that he has played for. One such reward saw him make history as the player to land the largest contract in the history of North American sports, thanks to a 10-year $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres, in February 2018.

His Six-Year Stint with the Baltimore Ravens

Manny Machado was selected with the third overall pick of the 2010 MLB draft and the team that was lucky enough to snap him up was the Baltimore Ravens. They quickly sent him off to the minor leagues and he spent about two years there during which he played for sides such as Gulf Coast League Orioles, the Low-A Aberdeen Ironbirds, the Delmarva Shorebirds, as well as the High-A Frederick Keys. He impressed massively at these sides and in 2012, the Orioles handed him his major league call-up.

Machado debuted for the Orioles in August 2012. He made an immediate impact as he scored two home runs in his second game, and made history as the youngest Oriole and 12th youngest MLB player to achieve that feat. The player would continue in this pattern all season long and helped his team to make it to the playoffs for the first time in about 15 years. Following this impressive rookie season, Manny Machado spent an extra five years with the Orioles during which he tallied impressive stats and helped them make the playoffs on two more occasions.

All these made him a legend in the city and he was seen as the best player they had in that generation. It, therefore, came as a bit of a shock when the team opted to trade him to the L.A. Dodgers in a deal that saw them receive five minor league players in exchange. The deal was prompted by the fact that the Orioles lacked the cash to keep Machado, having shelled out $161 million for the under-performing slugger, Chris Davis, a year earlier. Another motivating factor was the side’s desire to add more depth to their team, hence their choice to quickly snap up the five players offered in exchange for Machado.

Manny Machado
Machado in action for the Baltimore Orioles Image Source

Departing from The L.A. Dodgers after Taking Them to the World Series

Having made peace with how things ended in the place where he had called home for six years, Manny Machado packed his bags and joined the L.A. Dodgers in July 2018. He quickly hit the ground running and was able to record two singles and two walks in his very first game for them. He subsequently went on to tally 13 Homers, 41 RBI, and a batting average of .273 which helped his team make it to the playoffs. In the playoffs itself, Machado continued to make outstanding personal contributions as the Dodgers went all the way to the World Series. They however unfortunately lost that game by 4-1 to the Boston Red Sox.

Despite this loss, there was no denying the fact that Machado had performed brilliantly for the Dodgers. Many therefore expected the franchise to offer him a long term contract but they declined to do so. This was not because they didn’t want his services but due to circumstances out of their hands. Their payroll was the third highest in the league and couldn’t withstand the addition of a nine-figure salary on top of it. The team also had Corey Seager, a performing rookie shortstop who was coming back from injury. All these meant that they couldn’t hand Machado the deal he deserved and so, they parted ways amicably.

Move to the San Diego Padres

Following the decision of the L.A. Dodgers not to offer him a contract, Manny Machado became a free agent with many MLB teams scrambling to land his services. Sides such as the Chicago White Sox offered him about $250 million but he demurred until he landed the deal that pleased his heart, a $300 million 10-year contract with the San Diego Padres.

The shortstop made his debut for the Padres in 2019 and went on to record 32 home runs, 85 RBIs, and a .256 batting average all season long. This was well below his career averages and as such, was a disappointment to a side that shelled out so much to secure his services. The player however remained optimistic and determined to turn things around.

Manny Machado
Manny picking up his Platinum and Golden Glove awards in 2014 Image Source

The Baseball Star’s Net Worth Stands at $50 million

Manny Machado’s rookie contract was a two-year deal with the Baltimore Orioles worth $5.25 million. Following his entrance into the MLB in 2012, that deal expired and he went on to sign yearly contracts which saw his pay package grow from $480,000 to as much as $16 million per annum for the next seven years.

Overall, Machado earned a total of about $34 million during the nine years that he played for the Orioles and Dodgers. That same amount would now be comparable to what he will collect annually from now on thanks to the blockbuster deal that he signed with the Padres in 2019. The $300 million deal saw him make history as the richest contract in North American sports. He has however been overtaken by fellow MLB stars, Bryce Harper ($330 million) and Mike Trout ($430 million).

These dethronements are however no skin off Machado’s nose as he gets to collect an impressive $30 million each season. Meanwhile, according to Spotrac estimates, the Florida native has made about $80.560 million since joining the MLB. Add this to the extra half a million from endorsement deals annually (from the likes of Nike and Rawlings) and this explains his estimated net worth of about $50 million.

Machado Married his Childhood Sweetheart

Machado with his wife, Yainee Alonso image source

Manny Machado is happily married to his long-time girlfriend, Yainee Alonso. Born in November 1990, Yainee Alonso is a native of Havana, Cuba, and is the youngest of three children. Her mother, Damarys Alonso is a homemaker while her father, Luis Alonso is a player and coach in the Cuban National Series. Yainee holds both American and Cuban nationalities and in 2012, she graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Machado and Yainee first got to know each other through her elder brother, Yonder Alonso, who is a professional baseball player. They started dating at a young age and eventually got engaged in 2013. The couple later said their “I dos” in November 2014. In January 2016, Machado took to Instagram to show off a tattoo of his wife’s face on his inner forearm. He described her as his everything and the only person who can fill his heart with love.


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