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Manuela Testolini seems to have a thing for songwriters, and singers. Her former husband, Prince Rogers Nelson, was a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist and he was responsible for bringing her to the fore. Her present husband, Eric Benét, is also a songwriter, a singer, as well as an actor. Manuela Testolini is not only known as the wife of celebrated musicians but a charity worker, having worked with a handful of charity organizations, some of which she founded. She has received some credits and awards for her numerous charity works around the world.

It comes as no surprise that a woman who has a thing for musicians knows how to move her body in sync with rhythms and beats. Testolini is a dancer, however, she did not pursue it as a career.

Manuela Testolini – Bio, Age

Manuela Testolini’s place of birth in Toronto, Canada. Her birthday is the 19th day of September 1976. The Canadian beauty has a  biracial background. Her father was Italian while her mother was Egyptian. She grew up in Toronto, but, she often visits Egypt.

After high school, she proceeded to her local university, York University, in Toronto, where she bagged a degree in sociology and law.

As a kid, she loved dancing and was so good at it, but, it so happens that her audience was only limited to her family members.

The fine spirited and compassionate woman has worked for some charity organizations like Free Arts Minnesota, The Young woman’s Empowerment Network, Love4One Another and has also served as a UN ambassador to some African countries such as Malawi.

Net Worth

While they were still married, Manuela and Prince were known for their extravagant lifestyle. It has once been reported that Prince used to spend $5K just to fix her up to be seen in public. Although Manuel’s net worth cannot be absolutely verified, it is reported that she owns jewelry worth more than $185K. After the divorce from Prince, she got a settlement of about $6 million that including a mansion in Toronto, a Lexus car and other valuables.

Moreover, her present husband, Eric Benét, has amassed a considerable amount of wealth valued at $6 million.

Facts About Eric Benet Wife

Manuela Testolini’s Personal Life

After her university education, Manuela abandoned her law career and took an interest in charity. She was not only the wife of Prince Nelson but also worked in his charitable organization called Love4One Another.

She became famous after her marriage to the singer, on Christmas 2001. This was just immediately Prince had divorced his first wife, Mate Garcia. After her marriage to Prince Nelson, she adopted his name Nelson as her last name, but after the divorce, she reverted to her maiden name. They broke up in 2006, with the reason for the breakup kept secret.

After her break up with Prince, Manuela Testolini met Eric Benét. The two became close and on July 31, 2011, the duo was joined in holy matrimony. Their marriage has produced two lovely offspring, Lucia Benét birthed in 2011 and Amoura Benét who was born in 2014. The kids are not Eric’s only children as his previous love affair, produced a daughter who is a now an adult named India Benét.

She Is a Jehovah’s Witness Member

Before their break up, Manuela and Prince were ardent members of Jehovah’s Witness. In fact, it was reported that they sought counseling from the elders of their local church, in New York. But the counseling did not bear much fruit as the couple still went ahead to separate.

Manuela Testolini Did Not Reveal Her Previous Marriage To Eric Benet

From a podcast report in 2018, Eric stated that they had been together for two months before she told him about her previous marriage to Prince Nelson.

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She Has Her Own Company

Manuela Testolini may be engrossed with charity works, but she thought it wise to start her own production company. The company focuses primarily on Canadian films. Testolini also produces a brand of designer scented candles.

Her Husband Already Had A Daughter

Eric Benet already had a daughter from his late girlfriend, Tami Marie Stauff. Her name is Indian Benét and she was born in the early 90s. Manuela Testolini’s own two daughters, Lucia and Amoura, are already ambassadors in her charity organization.

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