Margo Rey’s Biography – Age, Net Worth & All About Ron White’s Ex-Wife

The amazing Mexican music star, Margo Rey has become one of the most beautiful pop singers of all time, all thanks to her outstanding musical style and poetic voice. The singer has been making giant strides in the pop, Latin and Jazz music genres and her songs have been heard throughout the globe. She is also a skilled songwriter and has collaborated with a few music artists.

A former lead vocalist of an all-girl rock band, Rey, sadly, took a break from music after being diagnosed with cancer of the lymph. Regardless, her musical gigs still sell across several countries. Join us as we tell you more about this lady who shook the world with her voice.

Margo Rey Biography

Born on the 18th day in the month October 1966, Margo Rey is one of the five children born to Juana-Amparo Jurado (mother) and Alejandro Reymundo (father). Her mother was a dancer while her father was a cliff diver. When she was two years old, her family moved from Acapulco Mexico to Fort Worth, Texas where she spent most of her childhood days.

Rey’s kind of musical style is regarded as an orthodox hybrid of pop music. Records have it that her love for music started from her early childhood days. She started gracing lots of podiums when she was just eleven, singing and performing in styles. In a bid to hone her skills, she took classical musical training while in Texas. Later on, she joined her first musical band called Debutante; an all-girl rock band as their lead vocalist.

Despite being young, she toured the United States and overseas performing along with the band. In 1988, the group released their first music album titled These Boots Were Made For Walk-In. Subsequently, in 1990, Margo Rey joined a power-pop band known as Ritual. The band kept on producing several musical gigs and eventually caught the attention of Columbia Records. However, at the verge of signing a deal with the record label, the band got disbanded.

Afterward, she was recruited to serve as the bandleader of a Latin Jazz/R&B sextet called Margo & The Lost Souls. While doing that, she also sang at a venue in Dallas called Sambuca. Along with Margo & The Lost Souls, Margo Rey released the album, Acaba which later landed her a major record deal with PolyGram Latino in 1997. Following her signed deal with the record label, the singer later had issues with them. As a result of the corporate consolidation, she was on the low key for three years without the release of an album or opting out of the signed deal.

In 2009, she released her album, My Heart’s Desire and guest starred on Dr. Phil’s show where she also performed her song, Between Us. The album received rave reviews and won the 2008 Muse’s Muse award for Beat Overall CD Project in any category.

The legend music artist kept soaring higher musically and eventually caught the attention of comedian, Ron White and Music producer Michael Blakey. Interestingly, the duo went on to form a music group called Organica, hence signing Rey as their first artist. She worked with Blakey and released her first dance single Ep called Habit Remixes which topped at No. 7 spot on the Billboard chart and subsequently, made it through to the first position on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs.

Prior to the end of the year 2011, Rey’s song, Let the Rain topped as the No. 17 spot on the Billboard Magazine Adult contemporary chart for 21 weeks and was eventually named as a Hotshot debut on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. More so, the rest of the tracks on the album also made a spot in several charts. Later that year, Rey decided to release an album for Christmas and titled it This Holiday Night. The Christmas Ep topped as the number 20 spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts. Rey’s last work was her album Habit released in July 2012.

Margo Rey’s Husband

Margo Rey
Ron White and Margo Rey

Margo Rey got hitched to Ron White in 2013. However, their union lasted for four years before hitting the rocks. The couple met each other a few years ago and after they courted for some time, they exchanged marital vows at the Fairmont Hotels in front of their family and friends.

The couple didn’t have any kids together. Perhaps, that could be their decision as they were busy with their respective careers. When their relationship turned sour, the duo decided to go their separate ways in 2017. However, the reason behind their separation is yet to be revealed, but Rey once publicly stated that even before their divorce, they had already been separated for several months.

Net Worth

Margo Rey earns most of her income from selling her albums online and with her several sold tickets for tours. Also, she has a few musical tapped records available in the market. It is believed that Margo in her years of being a music legend sits on a net worth of $0.8 million dollars. Sources say that she definitely earned more but her spendings on cancer treatments have also affected her total financial worth.

Other Facts About Ron White’s Ex-Wife

1.  Margo Rey is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2009, however, after having a breast mastectomy, she gained her health. Because of the pain, she passed through, the singer has championed lots of breast cancer awareness and has also funded lots of cancer researches. Sadly, she was recently diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes.

2. Rey never had any children with her ex-husband and is yet to be romantically involved with any man.

3. She has collaborated with other musical artists including John Oats and Dave Coz, among others.

4. She has a brother named Alex Reymundo, who usually accompanies Ron White to serve as his opening act.

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