Who is Maria Bamford’s Husband – Scott Marvel Cassidy? Her Net Worth and Other Facts

Maria Bamford has won the hearts of many with her articulated yet nonchalant way of cracking jokes. Often referred to as the clown of all times, she has managed to overcome her mental illness and focused on building a successful career. She has not only limited her superb talents to the platform of comedy but also added a few digits to her income while making waves as an actress.

Considering her mental state and many failed relationships, a lot of people, including herself, gave up on her love life. She never believed that she would be capable of loving a man. Just within the short period of time she resolved to be single for life, she met her better half – Scott Marvel Cassidy. Here is an inside look at the comedian’s love life, net worth, and other relevant facts.


Maria was born on September 3, 1970, at the Port Hueneme Naval Base. She was a scholar at Bates College, University of Edinburgh and the University of Minnesota.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a B.A in Creative Writing, she gathered her first audience at Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret in Minneapolis. That announced her to the world and also landed her several roles in movies and television shows. Her soft soprano voice was heard in the movie, Catdog (1988-2014) where she voiced Shriek. Often times, she is regarded as the perfect fit for any role that requires impersonation. Subsequently, she moved into documentary series and appeared in The Comedians Of Comedy. Having gathered audiences globally, the comedian decided to run her own show- The Maria Bamford Show while she was also being featured in the comedy skit, Comedy Death Ray.

A few years down the line, she went further and launched several comedy compilations such as The Burning Bridges Tour (2003), How to win (2007) and Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome (2009).

Maria Bamford made her movie debut in Lucky Numbers (2010) and later featured in a few other movies. Currently, she’s starring in the series, Lady Dynamite (2016).

Who is Maria Bamford’s Husband – Scott Marvel Cassidy?

With a career that has lasted more than twenty years, Maria Bamford has managed to keep her personal life under the radar, but not until she met Scott Marvel Cassidy in 2014. Prior to this time, she suffered from depression and had resolved to believe that she may never be able to love or work again. Luck shined on her as her psychiatrist informed her that there is certainly a remedy for her pain. While undergoing her treatment, she opened her heart to love again.

It was in that period, exactly a year and a half later, that she met Scott Marvel Cassidy through an online date site known as OkCupid. For Scott, it was the second time he was experiencing internet dating, while for Maria, it was her 97th time! She described her first date with him to as a casual meeting, they shared their experiences pertaining life and that date later produced four other dates before they decided to kick it off officially.

Maria Bamford
Maria Bamford and Scott Marvel Cassidy

Scott really has a good sense of humour despite knowing that the comedian suffered from bipolar disorder, he helped her build herself and encouraged her through her healing process. The two got married on March 14, 2015, and have been together with no kids yet.

Scott Marvel Cassidy lives an extremely private life, he is regarded as an artist but has also trodden the path of a producer. He started a series in 2016 titled Lady of Dynamite – a comedy show on the life of his wife Maria.

Her Net Worth

Despite her struggles with bipolar disorder, Maria Bamford has worked very hard in her career to attain an excellent height. She entertains her audience as an actress and a stand-up comedian and through that, she has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand.

Other Facts About Maria Bamford

1. So far, Maria Bamford has managed to keep a clean slate when it comes to controversies and rumours unlike many other celebrities in the show business.

2. Maria Bamford was born into a family that served the nation in the health sector. Her mom is a therapist while her dad works as a dermatologist. Her only sibling, Sarah Seidelmann works as a doctor. Maria is the only person who chose the path of entertainment in the family.

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3. Unlike so many other persons in her line of work who get their inspirations from persons, books or their environment,Maria’s mental disorder has been the platform she used in becoming one of the most loved comedians in history.


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