Marieke Vervoort

The 2016 Paralympics kicked off on 7th September. Participating in the competitions is Marieke Vervoort, a Belgian athlete and Gold medalist who wishes to die after the Rio Paralympics.

Marieke Vervoort is a Paralympic champ and inspirational success story. She is an advocate for Euthanasia, commonly known as mercy killing.

In 2012, the athlete clinched a silver medal for the T52 200m wheelchair race and a gold medal for the T52 100m wheelchair race in London Paralympic games; setting a world record for Europe.

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Beating her personal best, Marieke Vervoort became the world champion for the World Championships for Paralympic athletes in Doha at a time of 35.91.


For the ongoing Paralympics, the brave fighter won a silver for the 400m wheelchair race. The successful athlete was named Paralympian of the year in both 2012 and 2015.

Marieke suffers a degenerative disease that attacks her tissues and organs, often taking her through unbearable pain and anguish.

There have been speculations that the 37-year old Belgian athlete may finally end her life, courtesy of Euthanasia.

In her words:

“It’s very hard to live with so many pain and suffering and this unsureness,”

“I am still alive and still going to enjoy every little, little moment of my life.”

“I hope that other countries, like Brazil, can talk about it, that it is not taboo anymore. Like me, I signed my papers in 2008. Look now, we are in 2016 and I won yesterday a silver medal. It’s really a wonder. So, I am really happy.”

Euronews reports that the champ chose assisted death 8 years ago in her home country, where euthanasia is legal. However she has not decided when to act on it.

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“When the day comes – when I have more bad days than good days – I have my euthanasia papers. But the time is not there yet.”

Marieke Vervoort is about to retire from competitive racing. She has said that the Rio Paralympics will be her last. It is her wish to enjoy the time she has left with family, friends and her therapy dog Zen.

It is worthy to mention that Euthanasia is not acceptable in most conservative regions. It has been a source of endless arguments. While the likes of Marieke see it as ‘no murder’, others do not see it that way. The latter maintains that no one has the right to take another’s life no matter what.

Feel free to let us know what you think about Marieke’s Euthanasia decision.