Marika Gerrard Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Marika Gerrard is a retired American journalist and photographer, famously known for being the ex-wife of Bobby Tur; a transgender who currently goes by the name Hanna Zoe Tur. She has worked with a few broadcasting stations and alongside her ex-husband, she founded a News channel known as Los Angeles News Service.

Before her meteoric rise to fame, Marika Gerrard kicked off her career with LA Times and covered major headlines for them. She spent over fifteen years at LA Times before cofounding her own news station. Follow us as we tell you more about her.

Marika Gerrard Biography

The retired journalist, Marika Gerrard was born sometime in 1955 and was raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, she was a book worm, she spent time with her books more than socializing yet she also found delight with taking pictures and everything pertaining to photography. Well, she came out as one of the best in her class with a bachelor’s degree in law and subsequently, acquired a masters degree in Philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Photography drove Marika Gerrard to kick off her career with LA Times. There, she worked as an aerial photographer and covered several stories including the Laurel Canyon Murders. She often reported live and gave eloquent speeches to most of the events she covered. All through the seventeen years, she spent with LA times, she proved her worth and contributed heartily to the growth of the company.

With much experience and cognition, Marika Gerrard left the network in 1997 and joined her ex-husband to co-found the news company, Los Angeles News Service. Excellence and accuracy were one of the attributes of the newly established news service. They were one of the first stations to televise a police chase and incorporate clear videos and live coverage. Till date, the news service has maintained their successful growth and is still managed by Zoe Tur while Marika has retired from broadcasting and photography

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. Net Worth 

Inasmuch as Marika Gerrard can boast of a successful career, her net worth is still a mystery. Some sources have claimed that she has acquired over hundreds of dollars through her years as a photographer and journalist. This may be seemingly true as the average salary of a journalist is pegged around $39,484 annually and a photographer takes $63,688 yearly.

2. Husband and Kids

Marika Gerrard
Bobby Tur, currently known as ZoeTur

When it comes to love, Marika Gerrard has had a rough ride. She met her ex-husband Bobby Tur; a journalism major in 1978. The two met for the very time at Westwood Bruin Theatre and experienced love at first sight. They couldn’t hold back their feelings for each other despite that Bobby was five years younger.

Their first date was quite romantic as they both attended a flying lesson together. They subsequently moved in together prompting Merikka’s first pregnancy. In 1983, they welcomed their first child and named her Katy. After the birth of their first child, the couple officiated their union, then, their second child, James Tur joined the family in 1985.

The couple lived together in peace for a long while before experiencing the worst part of their marital bliss in 2003. They subsequently turned their backs on their vows ending with a divorce. While many wondered the reason behind their break up, Bobby Tur came out publicly as a transgender and changed his name to Hanna Zoe Tur, then things became clearer for all who needed answers.

Currently, Zoe Tur formerly Bobby Tur has pulled a large audience with her new claims. She has often publicly told the world how he had always wanted to be a woman. On the other hand, Marika Gerrard is doing well for herself and has retired as a photographer and journalist. More so, all her children are now grown-ups, her son, James is excellent with his job as medical personnel while her daughter, Kathy is an author and journalist.

3. Body Measurements

The reporter is quite aged yet she still has her pretty face intact. She possesses a set of black beautiful eyes and is black haired. Though the exact measurements of her body height and weight are currently not available, Marika, unarguable is perfect at her body physique. Also, the details of her other body measurements are readily unavailable.

4. Awards

For excellence in broadcasting, Marika Gerrard has received 3 television news Emmy Awards. In 1989,  for her reports on the Loma Prieta Earthquake, she was honored with an Edward R. Murrow Award. She also received yet another Edward R. Murrow award for her reports on Jewish Americans abandoning their homes. Other awards accredited to her name include the Associated Press National Breaking News Award and National Press Photographers Association Humanitarian Award.

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5. Near Death Experience

Reporters are likely exposed to dangerous work hazards in which some may claim their lives while others may put them in a traumatic state. Marika Gerrard faced a near death experience while working on the field as a reporter during the 1992 riots. Though she was in a helicopter, she was shot at. Luckily, she wasn’t hit.


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