Marilou York – Bio, Family, Facts About Mark Hamill’s Wife

Marilou York and her long-time partner, Mark Hamill, are a rare breed of Hollywood couples. Asides their near-perfect relationship, folks are asking what these love birds know about each other that’s kept them going for over four decades now. If you say theirs is a model for other up and coming Hollywood couples, then you’re not mistaken at all.

Their union has not only thrived harmoniously for many years, but it has in addition grown to be a model for other couples; celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The former dental hygienist is also a mother of three and a grandmother of one. Today, Marilou York shares her time serving as the CFO of her husband’s company. If you’re looking her up, look nowhere else as we tell you more about Mark Hamill’s wife and the incredible relationship they share.

Marilou York’s Bio

Marilou York was born in the United States on February 11, 1955, to a middle-class family. As an only child, she was raised by parents, Doyle Frederick York and Jean Apple. Although it remains unclear what where she first schooled or what her parents did for a living, we know that she attended Carmi Township Halls High School in Carmi, Illinois. Following her graduation from high school in 1973, York proceeded to Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois where she studied to be a dental hygienist; graduating in 1975. She would remain in that career line for over two decades before shifting lanes in the wake of 2004.

According to sources, her practice was a blend of passion, impeccable work ethic, and competence. But as other matters of heart began calling, Marilou York found herself gradually being drawn to the arts. She is known to have directed and co-produced Comic Book The Movie; a mockumentary starring her husband in the role of Donald Swan. But before their on-screen collaboration, York and her husband Mark Hamill have been collaborating in real life.


Marilou York and her husband first met on her line of duty. Earlier that day, the local clinic had received a call from an outpatient seeking treatment. In a stroke of fate, York was assigned to be Mark’s caregiver. And what began as a formal, patient-to-care-giver relationship soon waxed romantic. What followed was a strong bonded relationship that continued right until they said “I do” to each other. But as with all honest relationships, theirs wasn’t blemish-free either. They love birds experienced a brief off-period when Mark Hamill moved to Las Vegas and struck up a relationship with a fellow actress and showgirl, Anne Wyndham. It was in the wake of his Star Wars fame and glamour, and Mark seemed to be having a dramatic experience he wasn’t used to in the past.

We have no tabs on the details of the relationship or how long it all lasted. However, Mark managed to find his way back to his first love. And this time, he made it official. In the morning of December 17, 1978, the two exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Mark’s lush backyard in Malibu, California. Together, they have three adult children; Nathan (b. 1979), Griffin (b. 1983), and Chelsea (b. 1988).

Nathan is a father of one; making Marilou York a grandmother in her own rights. He works as an artist and illustrator. Griffin is an artist as well as a martial arts teacher. Chelsea took on after her father and works in the PR department of his company, Amazing Invisible Inc. That said, let’s see some interesting facts about Mark Hamill’s wife.

Interesting Facts About Marilou York – Mark Hamill’s Wife

Marilou York.
Marilou York and her husband, Mark Hamill.

1. Marilou York’s Net Worth

As for 2019, sources reveal her net worth to be a little over $5 million. A large chunk of which has come from her career as a producer and the numerous goodwill her relationship with Mark Hamill has won her. However, we’re not aware of her actual salary. Her husband also has a net worth of $18 million.

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2. Political Affiliation

Marilou York and her partner are “die-hard” democrats. We’re not sure when and how they arrived at their decision, however, we’ve seen them openly support reforms and policies that are pro-democratic.

3. Height and Body Measurement

Marilou York seems to be aging gracefully. We’re not sure how tall she is, but we know she stands slightly lower than her husband who is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. As of this writing, we have no tabs on her bra, shoe and dress sizes as well as body measurement.

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