Marine Le Pen: Winning Presidential Candidate Pledges To Abolish Same Sex Marriage In France

In a long list of 144 pledges released this week, French Marine Le Pen has stated that same sex marriage will be outlawed if she wins the presidential elections.

Among the world leaders in our time who are breaking off from the traditional democratic ideals, Marine Le Pen would not be found missing in the list.

President Francois Hollande signed a law legalizing same sex-marriage in 2013 .

Sharing the Trump vision, Le Pen has pledged to revert the said law to status quo.

So far the lawyer and politician is pulling a lot of weight at the polls prior to the first round of the elections coming up on April 23rd.

This will not be the first time she is contesting for the presidency in France. But unlike the first and second time, she is appealing to a wider range of French citizens (at least for the first round of elections).

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Ironically she has gained massive votes from the gay community.

Nevertheless she listed a ban of same sex marriage at the number 87 item in her manifesto. She says that the repeal of equal marriage rights for LGBT group would “not be retroactive”.

The populist prone politician also has plans to restrict fertility services, and ending assistance for gay couples wanting to have children.

As part of her reason she says Islamic extremists are a threat to the group. So in place of equal marriage rights, the group will only be able to enter into civil partnerships.

Guardian report reveals that her support from gay married couples rose from 19 percent in 2012 to 32 percent in 2015. Perhaps the latest development may affect her performance in the 2nd round of the elections coming up on May 7th.

Marine Le Pen is the president of the National Front (FN), a prominent political party in France. She succeeded her father as the party’s president in 2011.

Le pen’s plan to reverse same sex marriage law if she wins the presidential elections will also affect several highly placed gay politicians including Le Pen’s deputy Florian Philippot.

About 65% of the people in a poll taken in August oppose the repeal.

However, current polls show Le Pen winning the first round of the vote on April 23, followed by independent candidate Emmanuel Macron and Republican candidate Francois Fillon.

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While it is possible that the 2 men may beat her in the second round of the elections, Le Pen may as well surprise France by winning the election.

The Economist explains thus:

“Under the country’s directly elected two-round presidency, she needs to win an absolute majority of votes cast. This sets the bar high—but, arithmetically, it could happen.”

“The last time Ms Le Pen stood for the presidency, in 2012, she secured 6.4m votes, or 18%. Turn-out in French presidential elections is consistently high, at about 80% of the 46m on the electoral register; some 75% cast an unspoilt ballot paper.”

“Assuming that turn-out remained the same this year, she would therefore need the backing of just over 17.4m voters in the second round in order to win the presidency.”

“This would require Ms Le Pen to nearly triple her vote from 2012. “

Marine Le Pen was ranked among the most influential people in 2011 and 2015 by the Time 100.