Mario Balotelli: The Soccer Star Who Gives Half Of His Salary To African Children

Mario Barwuah Balotelli is a professional soccer star that represents Manchester City and Italy and currently serves as the striker of AC Milan and plays on loan for Liverpool. He was born in August 12, 1990, to Ghanaian immigrants in Sicily. Balotelli but only began to enjoy the basic privileges of life after an Italian family adopted him as their child.

In gratitude he says;

“I am Italian, I feel Italian, I will forever play with the Italy national team.”

That not withstanding he still sees the need to include the welfare and education of less privileged African Children in his plan, to the extent that giving up 50% of his $7,880,400 salary is no problem for him. With the height of extravagance that comes from his co-stars and celebrities, you just have to agree that it only takes a heart of gold to do what this soccer star is doing.

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The 6 ft tall star and lover of martial arts who was estimated at a $40 million net worth in 2013 seems to be a judicious spender as confirmed by his estranged girlfriend,

“He was really careful with his money…He said he didn’t want to spoil his brother and little sister and was worried people would think he was buying their friendship…A friend once told me that he gives almost half his salary to charity…”- Ex-girlfriend Tabby Brown.

On the other hand, Balotelli has constituted quite a number of disciplinary problems; and that led to his one time suspension as an inter-Milan player. He has played for a number of football clubs, some of which were either successful or not, as he recorded some fall outs with coach Jose Mourinho, who described him as “unmanageable”.

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Regardless of his hardheadedness which he apologized for at a time during a press conference, the star’s skills still paves a successful path for him in the sports industry. As much as he has featured in the media for the wrongest of reasons, Balotelli’s talent is conspicuous enough.

“The problem is because of his age, he can make some mistakes. He’s Mario. He’s crazy – but I love him because he’s a good guy.” – Roberto Mancini, Balotelli’s manager

“I am a naturalized Italian, but I`m from Ghana. I was abandoned by my parents and adopted by two angels. I suffer with racism every day. I am the first black to wear the jersey of Italy. I`m not angry, but my life experiences make me act differently from other people” – Mario Balotelli

Of his 3 biological siblings, one is equally a professional footballer. In the same way, I believe this noble gesture of his; a gesture that not even some African Presidents and government officials can succumb to; will not only help in the improvement of many growing children but also inspire them to be successful, and make them thoughtful about the welfare of others.

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