Marjorie Ngwenya Breaks Barriers At UK’s Institute And Faculty Of Actuaries

It is great news when Africans in diaspora break records. Marjorie Ngwenya is the first African woman to be appointed President-elect of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries – IFoA, United Kingdom. Marjorie is a Zimbabwean based in South Africa.

Expressing her gratitude over the appointment Marjorie says she is  “proud to be the first IFoA President-elect to be based outside the UK. Hear her:

“I am looking forward to continuing the important work done by those who have held the role before me, and to bringing the benefits of actuarial science to more people around the world.”

Marjorie is the Chief Risk Officer for Old Mutual’s African business unit in the institution at the moment. Her new position as president will be effective from June next year.

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This novel appointment is a source of inspiration for Africans, particularly women from all walks of life. To have a woman doing successfully well in actuarial sciences is incredibly significant. It proves that women can equally excel in the mathematical and scientific studies. Unlike previous stereotypes that women are not well suited for the job.

As a matter of fact, women in Africa are rising up to unexpected heights. Today they have grown more daring in both business and academic world. Women have moved beyond cultural limitations. Marjorie is a proof of that. It is quite interesting that she is an African woman and the first person ever to be nominated for the position outside the UK.

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It appears the capability of the Zimbabwean woman is not in question. She has proved her potential to take up the role of leadership in the institution. The current IFoA President, Fiona Morrison, had this to say:

“I am delighted that Marjorie Ngwenya has been elected by Council members to serve as President.  She will bring a wealth of experience to the role from her years working in insurance and risk, and will be a real asset to the Presidential team.”