Truths About How Mark Wahlberg Came to Fame, His Legal Racist Issues and Family Life

Mark Wahlberg is a well known Hollywood actor who also has, or at least at one point in time, had careers as a movie producer, model, rapper, songwriter, and businessman. As an actor, he has starred in movies like Renaissance Man, Fear, Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, The Fighter and The Departed.

Mark Wahlberg’s stint in the area of movie production includes making series like Entourage (2004–2011), Boardwalk Empire (2010–2014), How to Make It in America (2010–2011), and Ballers (2015–present). The multi-talented American started with music and later delved into modelling, thanks to his striking physique. Today, he is among the highest-earning celebrities in entertainment.

Mark Wahlberg Comes From A Large Family

Mark Wahlberg was born into the family of Donald Wahlberg and Alma Elaine on the 5th of June, 1971, in Dorchester, Boston Massachusetts. The artist is the youngest of nine children. Mark’s parents are involved in mundane jobs as his father who has been identified as Donald Edmond Wahlberg earned a living as a delivery driver and was also an Army veteran of the Korean War while his mother Alma Elaine (née Donnelly) worked as a deputy nurse and a bank clerk. The family is a Roman Catholic one and raised their children as Catholics.

Out of the nine children in the Wahlberg family, three followed the path of the performing arts and are celebrities in their own rights. Robert went on to become an actor while Donnie sings, as well as act. The family is of Irish, Swedish, and more distant French-Canadian descent. Mark had to divide his time between both parents following their divorce in 1982. His dad later died on Valentine’s Day of 2008.

What We Know About His Celebrity Siblings

As mentioned above, Mark Wahlberg is the youngest of nine siblings. Just like him, two of his siblings are part of the entertainment industry.

Robert Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg
Robert Wahlberg image source

Robert Wahlberg was born on the 18th of December 1967 and is best known for appearing in films like Southie, Mystic River, and The Departed. There’s not much on his filmography but he has a little over 10 projects to his credit.

Donnie Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg image source

Donnie Wahlberg who is two years younger than Robert and arguably more popular than him is known for his portrayal of Danny Reagan in Blue Blood. He is also a recording artist and original member of the boy band New Kids on the Block.

Mark Wahlberg Lived A Life Of Crime Before Pursuing His Entertainment Career

Mark Wahlberg attended Copley Square High School before venturing into a life of crime at around the age of 13. He became a cocaine addict and had formed a gang with some of his friends. Soon afterwards, law enforcement caught up with him and he was remanded. For the next few years, the teenager kept going in and out of prison for various crimes that include attempted murder, assault, and robbery.

He ended up leaving all that behind after choosing to join his older brother Donnie who had a music career and a band called New Kids on the Block. After a few years, Mark Wahlberg invented his own music group; Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch with some talented rappers like Scott Ross, Hector Barros, Ashley Ace, and Terry Yancey.

He Transitioned Into Modeling From Music

The group released their lead single Good Vibration in 1991 and it earned them a number-one hit song in many countries like the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark. The track which was produced by Donnie peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum. Wildside – the group’s second single hit #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, #5 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart, and was later certified gold. These hit singles and more came from their debut album Music For the People.

The group was not just into music, it launched a video game, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video which became a huge flop despite the band’s success. Unfortunately, when Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch dropped their second album You Gotta Believe, it wasn’t as successful as their first. Mark did some collaboration in a bid to resuscitate his music career and later dropped a single No Mercy.

Another album The Remix Album which became a hit in Germany was released in 1995 in collaboration with Prince Ital Joe; it featured remixes from their previous albums and singles. Several singles and an album (All Around the World) later, Mark Wahlberg’s exceptional body physique decided his next career path. Mark loves to keep fit and has shared some of his workout photos on Instagram.

Due to his great body build, Wahlberg soon transitioned into modelling, wearing underwears for brands like Calvin Klein. He went on to feature in many television and magazine commercials, worked as an ambassador for GNC, and a spokesperson for AT&T before creating his own workout video called Marky Mark Workout: Form… Focus… Fitness.

Acting Later Became His Thing

Mark Wahlberg came into the acting scene in 1993 on the set of the movie The Substitute and his first credited movie appearance followed in Renaissance Man by Danny DeVito. He was cast as Mickey in The Basketball Diaries (1995) alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and his first starring role came on the set of the thriller movie Fear by James Foley. Mark earned positive reviews after making appearances in productions like Three Kings, Boogie Nights, Four Brothers, The Perfect Storm, and the remake of Planet of the Apes, as well as the remake of Charade titled The Truth About Charlie.

In 2003, he was cast to play a main role in the Hollywood blockbuster movie; Italian Job, alongside popular actors and actresses like Jason Statham and Charlize Theron. He then went on to appear alongside Matt Damon in The Departed, earning a Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and a National Society of Film Critics Best Supporting Actor award.

Some of the movies Mark Wahlberg has appeared in include; Shooter, All the Money in the World, and Patriots Day, I Heart Huckabees, Invincible, Shooter, The Lovely Bones, We Own the Night, The Happening, Ted, Ted 2, Lone Survivor, The Gambler(a remake), Daddy’s Home, and Patriots Day. Others include Deepwater Horizon, Mile 22, Spenser Confidential, Scoob! (an animated movie), Wahlburgers. His most recent movie was Uncharted in 2019.

He produced the reality show Breaking Boston, served as the executive producer of the HBO series Entourage, as well as a single episode of Wahlburgers. Mark Wahlberg is equally a shrewd businessman with many business interests under his belt.

Mark Wahlberg Is Married With Four Children

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg, wife Rhea Durham, and their children image source

Mark Wahlberg had a long relationship with model Rhea Durham before they decided to exchange marital vows. The pair, who reportedly met each other in 2001 outside a Nobu restaurant, got engaged in 2005 before tying the nuptials in August 2009 at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Beverly Hills.

Before Durham was walked down the aisle, she and Wahlberg had already welcomed three children; Ella Rae born on September 2, 2003, Michael Robert born on March 21, 2006, and Brendan Joseph born on September 16, 2008. A fourth child named Grace Margaret was welcomed on January 11, 2010.

The Actor Was Involved In Several Racist-related Issues

Mark Wahlberg was just 15 when he collaborated with three of his friends to throw stones at three black kids shouting “Kill the nigger”. The next day saw him throwing rocks at a group of mostly black fourth-graders at the beach yelling racial epithets at them. All these incidents brought a civil action against him in August 1986 which got settled the following month.

When he was 17, in April 1988, Mark got involved in another racist issue while high on PCP, this time involving a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street whom he assaulted, knocked unconscious with a large wooden stick, and called “Vietnam fucking shit”.

Before that day ran out, he did the same thing to another Vietnamese whom he punched in the eye and investigations revealed that the singer has been involved in making several unsolicited racial slurs about ‘gooks’ and ‘slant-eyed gooks. Charges of attempted murder were later brought against him to which he pleaded guilty. Following his guilty plea, Mark Wahlberg served 45 days as against the two years that was stipulated by his sentence.

He Still Continued With The Racial Slurs Into The 1990s

In 1992, his neighbour Robert Crehan got his jaw fractured at Mark Wahlberg’s hands in an attack where he repeatedly kicked the poor guy in the face without provocation. Mark had help from a second person – Derek McCall, who held Crehan on the ground while his face was punched.

Surprisingly McCall was black and according to Wahlberg’s attorney, the actor and McCall got provoked when Crehan called McCall a racial slur. The two parties decided to avoid a criminal trial and settled among themselves. It is possible that Mark finally repented from being a racist as he started making amends by 2006.

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