Mark Wiens Bio – Ethnicity, Wife and Parents

Food is a great way to connect with people. We all love to eat, if not for the pleasure of food, the satisfaction of quenching hunger, and the very process of providing and sharing that food is part of the strongest bonds that bind humanity together. Maybe it is our historical connection to food, where it was primarily a scarce necessity until an intellectual breakthrough resulted in cultivation and what is today, known as agriculture. Whatever our attachment to food is, it has lasted generations and is strong enough for men like Mark Wiens to tap into that connection and build a successful food blog, traveling around the world sharing recipes and participating in the ritual of sharing food with strangers all over the world and on the internet.

Mark Wiens is the owner and man behind popular YouTube channel, the eponymously named Mark Wiens. He is a travel and food blogger and so far, he has risen to be one of the leading names on YouTube for the genre. Learn more about him by reading below.

Mark Wiens Biography and Ethnicity

Back when everyone else was dreaming of a great corporate job and perhaps owning their own businesses, Mark Wiens was looking forward to traveling the world and eating. It is the sort of adventurous lifestyle that looks great in a film but is difficult to commit to in person, yet Mark Wiens, who was born in Phoenix, Arizona made the decision to commit himself to the challenging lifestyle and so far, it looks to be working for him.

He was born on the 26th of February 1986, one could say traveling to exotic places has always been a part of Mark Wiens’ life. As a child, his parents moved to Albertville in France when he was five years old and subsequently to other to places like Hawaii and Canada. His parents also lived in Central Africa, specifically in the Republic of Congo in a town called Tandala. After spending some time in Congo where he made friends and was ingrained into the culture, his parents moved to Nairobi, Kenya.

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Further details about his parents are unknown and as such, there are zero specifics about the ethnicity of Mark Wiens. We do, however, know from pictures that he is white. He also has dark brown hair and brown eyes. It is perhaps the traveling and exposure to different cultures and lifestyles in various parts of the world that prompted Mark Weins to study Global Studies in college at Arizona State University, in the completion of a formal and informal education that started at Rosslyn Academy and was spread among various schools around the world.

When he graduated from Arizona State in 2008, Mark was only interested in continuing from where he stopped as a global traveler before college. He traveled across different countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay for a year. It was during this year that Mark Wiens began to write his experiences about travel and food in a blog called Migrationology. His decision to make a living from blogging eventually pushed him to YouTube in 2009.

After touring South America, Mark Wiens moved to Bangkok where he stayed a while and taught the English Language for a year. While he was in there, he kept blogging and eventually his blog site and YouTube page started to experience some real growth.

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He published his first eBook, Eating Thai Food Guide in 2010 and continued to write on his blog and post on his YouTube channel Mark Wiens which now has over 3.3 million subscribers with over 600 million views. The channel also features him traveling to different countries and cities eating street food in travel vlogs. He has traveled to countries like Austria, Turkey, Mexico, China among many other countries. He has a second channel, Mark Abroad which is dedicated to accommodations and flight experiences in new countries he travels to.

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What To Know About Mark Wiens’ Wife & Parents

Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens and wife Ying

Mark Wiens is married to Ying who is also a cook, eater, and traveler. Together, the couple has been traveling around the world since they met. The couple lives in Bangkok, Thailand as their primary home.

Not much is known about Mark’s parents, however, we know they were travelers who like Mark, traveled across different parts of the world. It would be totally okay to say he got his travel genes from his parents and it did not fail him one bit. As far as we know, his parents gave birth to two children – Mark, and a sister whose name is not known.

What Is His Net Worth?

Mark Wiens has a successful YouTube channel and a growing website that sells merchandise in addition to his 2010 eBook. Altogether, these ventures have been able to give Mark Wiens a net worth of $2 million.

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