What Are Markiplier’s Height, Net Worth and Who Is His Girlfriend?

Video game lovers will surely know the popular YouTube video commentary channel – Markiplier owned by Video blogger Mark Edward Fischbach. The channel is generally known for video commentaries dished in an unusual tone and filled with loud and coarse sensations – all accommodated in the language. YouTube personality Fischbach has run his vulgar oriented commentary channel for over 5 years and has continued to excel in the talking business.

Apart from his alter ego, there is so much more to know about the successful YouTuber. Some people have assumed that his real name is Markiplier while some have quizzed into the style, as well as the success journey of the Mark Fischbach and his platform.

Who Is Markiplier and What’s His Age?

Simply put, Markiplier is only a YouTube channel or handle owned by talented YouTuber Mark Fischbach, but for convenience, he is mostly referred to as Markiplier. The video blogger and video game commentator started his channel in March 2012, when he dished put over 2000 episodes of reviews of game plays.

He was born Mark Edward Fischbach on 28 June 1989, to his military father, and his mother of Korean descent. He may have taken after his older brother who is an artist and a webcomic writer. Joining his school’s band and playing the trumpet, Mark was always inclined to the loud and coarse sentiment. After his high school at Milford High School, he proceeded to the University of Cincinnati where he studied Biomedical Engineering. His parents surely wanted the best for him, but a dream-filled Fischbach was not going to let school get in the way of venturing into his career of choice.

He soon quit school to fully pursue a career in the YouTube business. Fischbach became a part of YouTube on March 6, 2012, with a handle before establishing the Markiplier YouTube channel where he officially uploaded his first video in April that year. His first video Amnesia: The Dark Descent which he posted on the initial handle, garnered over 1 million views and the star was motivated to re-upload it on his main channel. Seeing that it did very well on Markiplier, Fischbach who decided to shift from the first channel to the Markiplier channel made a video to explain to his viewers.

In his Let’s Play reviews, different genres of games including horror and action were frequently reviewed by his alter-ego – a pink mustached face. He uploaded A New Hope in 2012 gaining over 3 million views. In 2014, he uploaded an animated episode of Among the Sleep review which broke barriers to become one of his most viewed videos. Markiplier was gradually rising to popularity and his MarkiplierGAME channel made it to number 61 on NewmediaRockstars Top100 Channels in 2014. The Markiplier platform today has over 16 million subscribers and has been described as the 22nd most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

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The YouTube star has collaborated with many celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, Jack black, as well as Let’s Play vloggers like the Game Grumps, Jacksepticeye and others. Another record-breaking Markiplier video is Five Nights at Freddy’s which was certified as his most viewed videos on the YouTube channel.

What Is His Net Worth?

Markiplier’s net worth seems to be the major focus of people during discussions. This is because the YouTube star’s rapid rise to success did not only come as a surprise to the public but is also something difficult to understand.

While some have estimated Fischbach’s net worth to be $9 million, others say that the YouTube star sits on a net worth of $16 million. Fischbach earns up to $11,000 on daily basis from his videos. This sums up to $4 million per annum, which excludes his other endeavors.

Does Markiplier Have A Girlfriend?

Markiplier and Amy Nelson

Even though he makes so much noise online, Markiplier is conserved when it comes to his personal life. This is why many have continued to quiz into the love life of the successful YouTube star. For those who do not know, Fischbach is in a serious romantic relationship with Amy Nelson, a graphic designer and an animator.

The two, who started out as friends, have been together since 2015. All the rumors about their relationship were confirmed in 2016 when the couple finally went public about their relationship. Being private does not deter the loved-up couple from exchanging affections online from time to time.

His Height & Weight

He may not be into the contemporary show business, but Markiplier has got the perfect body for it. The YouTube star stands at a height of 1.79 meters and a proportional weight of 79 kg. With a chest that measures 43 inches and Biceps of 15.5 inches, Fischbach surely passes for a good looking gentleman.

Other Facts You Need to Know

  • Fischbach who became a millionaire before 30, also engages in a series of charity as his way of giving back to the society.
  • Markiplier who was an alcohol addict announced his decision to quit the addiction in 2015.
  • Markiplier has changed his hair color a number of times. He first dyed his hair pink in September 2015, a move he made for a charity. Two months later he dyed it again to blue and in March the following year, he turned his hair to pink. He went back to black again in December 2016.


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