Mars Village: China’s Massive $61 Million Tourism Destination

China is constantly pushing the envelope on all fronts and now the country is doing it again with plans to spend $61 million on a massive Mars Village that is to be a draw for tourists and researchers alike.

The plans are currently in the blueprint stage which covers for an exotic sprawl that would stretch to 95,000 square kilometres (about 36,600 square miles). It is to be located in an arid region of the Tibetan plateau which possesses rocky terrain that resembles Mars.

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The Mars Village is supposed to offer both a large Mars-themed tourist attraction and a simulated space exploration camp that could be a hub for scientific research and education.

A lot of people often have dreams of going to space which may be hard to bring to reality due to the still extreme cost of space missions and the actual planet has no water, a toxic atmosphere and a wildly fluctuating climate. The Mars Village could be a relatively comfortable option for humans to explore a Mars-like landscape.

As it stands, the Chinese government is planning to launch an unmanned mission to Mars in 2020. Its ambitious space programme has been progressing at a rapid pace in recent years.

Mars Village

Last year in August, China launched a potentially groundbreaking quantum-enabled satellite, testing communications technology, and in early August its Jade Rabbit lunar rover shut down after 31 months operating on the Moon.

In 2011 a Chinese Mars probe travelling on a Russian spacecraft was doomed but that seeming failure has only made China more determined in its goal of space exploration. It was the third country to successfully land a rover on the Moon.

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If China succeeds in 2020 it would be the fifth country or grouping to orbit Mars, behind the US, Russia/USSR, Europe and India. No matter what happens with all those space dreams, the Mars Village would be a definite coup for China tourism and even research wise.

This project is on an even keel with China’s “Unsinkable ship” theme park which is an attempt to recreate the experience of the Titanic crashing into an iceberg.