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It is common knowledge that Martie Allen is romantically involved with former Hollywood actress and singer, Kristy McNichol, however, only a few know that she tried her hands on acting but she couldn’t push her dreams as an actress and eventually called it quits.

Her relationship with Kristy started in 1991, they got married in a private ceremony and have lived peacefully for over two decades and counting now. They have shown commitment to the LGBT community and helped a few minors.

Here you won’t only get to know about Kristy McNichol’s husband but also the details of their love story. Read on as we tell you more.

Martie Allen – Biography (Age)

Martie was born on the 1st of January 1990 to parents whose names have not been disclosed. Also, there is sparse of information regarding her early years, educational achievements as well as whether she has siblings or not.

As a growing lad, Martie Allen fell in love with the screen. She ventured into acting early but couldn’t persevere. Records have it that she really struggled BUT eventually gave up on her career. It was while trying to plant her feet in the movie industry that she met Kristy McNichol; whose relationship with her subsequently shot her to fame. Kristy McNichol is a former Hollywood actress, comedian, producer, and singer.

Net Worth

Unlike her better half, Martie Allen has tried everything within her capacity to conceal her details away from the public eyes. Because of this, there is little or no information regarding her net worth. On the other hand, her husband – Martie Allen is said to sit on a net worth of $7 million.

Husband – Kristy McNichol 

For the fact that same-sex marriage only became public after the ban was lifted by the former president of the United States of America Barack Obama, no one knows exactly when Martie and Kristy got hitched. However, records have it that Martie Allen last dated a man in 1991, the same year she was first spotted with the former Hollywood actress.

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Also, Martie who is quite tight-lipped with the details of her life as she is yet to reveal when exactly she discovered that she is a lesbian. The only known news about her sexual status is the fact that she began to date Kristy McNichol sometime in 1991 and subsequently married her in a private ceremony.

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol
Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol (image source)

For many years, the same-sex couple kept their love life private because of the discrimination of sex-same lovers. They hid in their shadows but eventually came out in 2012 after Kristy McNichol revealed her sexual status to the world. In an interview, Kristy revealed that she went public only to encourage those who have lived their lives in hiding due to their sexual status.

The couple is said to share a lot of things in common, they are within the same age bracket, only that Martie is two years older. More so, the couple is noted to be dedicated to the LGBT community and has contributed to helping those who are faced with discrimination.

Kristy McNichol discovered that she was a lesbian when she was a teen. She feared she would be castigated and may likely affect her career, so in her wisdom, she kept it to herself. She was born on the 11th day in the month of September 1962 in Los Angeles CaliforniaCals of mixed ethnic background -Irish and Lebanese.

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Martie Allen’s husband ventured into acting as a child actress. She appeared in several television commercials alongside her brother, Jimmy McNichol. McNichol subsequently caught the attention of Dasi Arnaz who helped her establish her feet in the acting world. The actress has appeared on shows like Starsky & HutchThe Bionic WomanLove American Style and The Love Boat as a child. She grew up and fanned her acting skills fervently and thereafter made appearances in the drama series, Family. Her role in the drama series later became the platform she used in garnering fame. She also claimed two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the drama series.

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Later in 1970, the actress ventured into the music industry while she was still very much active on the screens. Years later, in the year 2000, she announced her retirement. Ever since Kristy McNichol backed out of her career, she has maintained a low profile and barely graces any red carpet event.

Martie Allen’s Body Measurements – Height

Reserved Martie Allen is a brunette and has brown eyes. With a height of 5 feet 4 inches, she fits into the category of not so tall women. She carries a balanced body mass of 70 Kg and is still very much curvy despite her age. She reportedly measures 34, 24, and 32 inches for her bust, waist and hip sizes respectively.

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