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The history of country music in America cannot be complete without a mention of Martina McBride. She is one of the most successful musicians ever to grace the country music scene. Martina McBride is not only a singer but also a songwriter, record producer, and author. She is to country music, what Celine Dion is to pop music. Want to know more about this lady whose soprano voice can cause a mini earthquake? Then read on as we delve into her bio, family life and finances.

Biography (Family, Age)

Martina McBride was born Martina Mariea Schiff on the 29th of July 1966 in Sharon, Kansa. She comes from a family of six. Her father’s name is Daryl Schiff while her mother’s name is Jeanne Schiff. Asides her parents, Martina also has two brothers, Martin and Steve as well as a sister, Gina.

She fell in love with singing and country music at an early age, thanks to her father who always played country music for her listening pleasure. At the age of 8, Martina got her first gig singing in a band founded by her father known as the Schiffters. After High school, she continued singing with various bands in and around Kansas.


Martina McBride’s journey to music stardom is the stuff of fairytales. In 1987, at the age of just 21, the young and talented singer started her own music group. In the course of looking for a space that the group could rent for practice sessions, she came in contact with a sound engineer by the name of John McBride. The two eventually started a relationship and got married the next year in 1988. A year later, in 1989, the couple decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee which is the hub of country music in order to further their respective careers.

In Nashville, her husband worked on the production crew for various country artists. One of those her husband worked for was popular rock and roll/country musician, Garth Brooks. Martina’ s keenness and passion for country music eventually caught the eye of Garth Brooks who promised her that she would open for him on his tour if she could land a recording contract. Martina and her husband immediately got to work on her demo tape which got her a recording contract with RCA Nashville records in 1991. Garth Brooks fulfilled his promise and Martina opened for him on his tours in the early 1990s. Spurred on by this, Martina McBride released her first studio album in 1992 and since then she has never looked back.

The country musician has gone on to release 13 studio albums till date and has so many hit songs to her credit. Some of them are Independence Day, Concrete Angel, I’m Gonna Love You Through It, A broken wing, This One’s For The Girls, Wild Angels, Still Holding On and Blessed. She has also recorded tremendous commercial success, selling over 14 million copies of her albums till date.

Martina McBride’s career has seen her with some prominent awards and recognition for her star-studded career. They include the Country Music Association female vocalist award of the year; an award she has won on four occasions, and 14 Grammy nominations though she is yet to win any.

Asides her music, Martina McBride is also a philanthropist and an advocate. She is quite outspoken with regards to the issue of domestic violence in marriages and teenage relationships. Two of her hit songs, A Broken Wing and Independence Day address this issue. This is quite understandable given the fact that she is a woman and is also the mother of three daughters.

Martina McBride’s Family (Husband and Daughters)

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Martina McBride got married to John McBride in 1988. They have three daughters together namely Delaney Katharine Mcbride (born December 22, 1994), Emma Justine Mcbride (born March 29, 1998) and Ava Rose Kathleen Mcbride (born June 20, 2005). It seems that Delaney and Emma are also following in their mother’s footsteps. They both sang as backup singers on one of her chart-topping singles This One’s For The Girls.

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The musician is reportedly worth 38 million dollars. The Kansas native earns her income from a variety of sources including album sales, tours, working as a judge on the “Canadian Idol” as well as the “American Idol.” Martina McBride has also released a cookbook from which she has earned money.

Body Stats

The mother of three reportedly weighs 58kg (128lbs) and is of average height. She is 5 ft 4” tall which is not bad for a lady. She has blue eyes which are quite distinctive and conspicuous. Her hair is brown in color.

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