Revealed Truths About Marton Csokas’ Dating History and Most Critically Acclaimed Works

Marton Csokas is an actor who has appeared in numerous movies, stage plays, and television series. He is a New Zealand actor who is also making waves in Hollywood. Amongst the numerous films he had appeared in, it was his role in the blockbuster trilogy; The Lord of the Rings that propelled him to the mainstream of the American film industry. Often times, he plays the role of a sympathetic man or an atrocious strong man.

Another aspect of his life that draws attention is his dating history which has not been satisfying to a lot of people. For someone born in the mid-60s, it is expected that Marton would be married with kids but it seems he is not drawn to the conventional way of life.

Marton Csokas’ Only Publicly-known Relationship Has Been With Actress Eva Green

It is no doubt that Csokas is doing amazingly well in his acting career but when it comes to his relationship, the story is not the same. Apart from his former relationship with actress Eva Green, the actor has refused to speak about his love life since their break up.

Eva and Marton had a beautiful love story but we all know that love is filled with happiness yet has the power to breed sadness. Sources say that the two met when the actor was playing as the actress love interest in Ridleys Scott’s Crusades epic; Kingdom of Heaven. What they shared on-screen later blossomed in real life. Soon, they started dating and were together from 2005 to 2009.

Marton Csokas
Marton Csokas and Eva Green

As of now, Marton Csokas is assumed to be single, however, due to his reserved nature about his personal life, there have been several rumours about his sexuality. The actor, on his part, has never spoken about this part of his life, so, it is quite difficult to draw conclusions on if he is gay or not.

In the meantime, he has reconnected with Eva on BBC’s Luminaries where, interestingly, they are each other’s love interests. Needless to say, the chemistry was on fire as the two have been in each other’s arms in reality. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean their old flame is back on, at least not according to the actors.

The Actor Had His Career Break With Lord of the Rings Film Series & XXX

Marton Csokas as Lord Celeborn – image source

Marton Csokas appeared for the first time on set in the New Zealand drama series; Shark in the Park but he hit his acting climax with his role as Lord Celeborn in the Lord of the Rings series. He first appeared in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001, then reprised the role in its sequel; The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003. In-between his role in The Lord of the Rings film series, he also starred in films like Yorgi in XXX (2002), and Kangaroo Jack (2003).

His role in XXX saw him depict a former soldier in the Soviet Union army who embraces the hedonist lifestyle with his castle and nightclubs to afford the luxury way of life. Yorgi also heads Anarchy 99, a group of militant anarchists who are out to destroy government and society in general.

XXX was initially released in Canada on 9th August 2002 to rave reviews. It went ahead to gross $277.4 million on a budget of $85 million.

Subsequently, Marton Csokas played as Jarda in The Bourne Supremacy (2004), and in 2005, he depicted Guy de Lusignan in the movie; Kingdom in Heaven and Trevor Goodchild in Æon Flux in 2005.

Æon Flux Was a Box Office Flop But Attracted Favourable Reviews

Despite the efforts put into it and the talents that brought the characters to life, Æon Flux didn’t do so well at the box office. But, playing Trevor Goodchild in the 2005 Sci-fi/Action film was a major flame in Marton’s career. Marton starred alongside Charlize Theron who played the titular role to rave reviews.

However, the movie didn’t meet the budget in terms of earnings as it was only able to gross $52 million against a budget of $62 million. That notwithstanding, viewers loved it.

He Earned Two Awards For Romulus, My Father and Nominations For Dead Europe

In 2007, he brought to life the character of Hora in the drama film Romulus, My Father, one of his acclaimed roles to date. For his stellar performance on the role, he was nominated for two awards – an AACTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, as well as a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award for Best Supporting Actor, the two of which he won.

Again, his role in the 2012 Dead Europe earned him nominations for an AACTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Though he didn’t win, the recognition pushed him further to the spotlight. Both Romulus, My Father and Dead Europe received mixed reactions from critics and viewers.

In 2010, Marton recorded film credits, including Alice in Wonderland, The Tree, With Love… from the Age of Reason, South Solitary, and The Debt.

The next year, he appeared only in the 2011 film Dream House and in 2012, he made a remarkable performance in the movie, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the drama film, Dead Europe.

The actor, in 2013, appeared in films like Pawn and Rogue and in the following year, he was a cast in Noah, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Equalizer, Klondike and Sons of Liberty. His recent works are on television series like Divorce where he played Skip Zakarian in 2018 and The Luminaries in the role of Francis Carver (2020).

Marton Has Also Made Stage Play Appearances

In as much as Marton has made several film and televisions appearance, he has also appeared in a few theatres plays. He performed on several stage plays by Tom Stoppard and William Shakespeare in the 1990s in New Zealand.

His other stage credits include Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and Peribáñez. Asides TV and stage, Marton Csokas gave voice to the Thaal Sinestro character in the video game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters in 2011.

Acting Has Brought Csokas Considerable Wealth

For Marton Csokas, acting has sure paid the bills. Since the inception of his acting career, it has been from one successful height to another. For his many acting works, he has been rewarded handsomely. Currently, his net worth is pegged at $4 million.

While we know that his role in the Lord of the Rings franchise is his biggest venture, his earnings in the film series are not known. However, one thing is certain, being a part of such an acclaimed franchise will do nothing short of wonders for an actor’s earnings.

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