Martyn Eaden – Bio, Net Worth and Facts About Chrissy Metz’s Ex-Husband

Martyn Eaden is a British screenwriter and copyrighter, formerly married to Chrissy Metz – a plus-sized Hollywood actress thrust him into the spotlight after she scored a role in the popular NBC show, This Is Us. The English gentleman and copywriter attained stardom via his association with Chrissy Metz. Even though they’re no longer together, Eaden remains a topic of interest whenever the love life of Metz is being discussed.

Martyn Eaden’s Bio

Even though it is known that Martyn Eaden was born in Britain, little is known about his early life, his education background among other personal tits bits. Details about Martyn’s parents and siblings have not been made public as well.

He is a copywriter by profession and on-screen scriptwriter. The British gentleman has over time written screenplays for movies some of his notable body of works are Death Factory in 2014, Spurned in 2016 among others.

He crossed paths with his ex-wife, Christine Michelle Metz aka Chrissy Metz in 2008. They began dating shortly thereafter. They soon got married in the same year in a very small wedding ceremony which held in California. At that time, the plus-sized actress was a regular woman as it was before she rose to stardom with the NBC’s series which centered on weight-loss. At the end of the series, she lost about 100 pounds, a feat that had many hailing her for her efforts and tenacity.

Eventually, in 2015, the pair severed ties. According to Martyn Eaden, it was due to ‘irreconcilable differences’. Despite staying married for close to seven years, the duo had no offspring.

How Much Is Martyn Eaden’s Net Worth?

Martyn Eaden has always been known as not leaving details about anything that concerns his personal life. But, even though he is not as celebrated as his ex-wife, he has also made some fortune for himself. As reported by some sources, a copywriter makes an average of $60k to $100k as salary, that said, Eaden should be worth some hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, his ex-wife Chrissy is reported to be raking in about $3.75 million as salary and sits on a net worth of about $7 million.

Facts About Chrissy Metz’s Ex-Husband

Their Wedding Was Private

After this couple met in 2008, they dated a while and also tied the knot same year. They held a very private wedding in Santa Barbara, California that had only a few friends in attendance and no family members.

Martyn Eaden’s Life After Divorce

Martyn Eaden
Martyn Eaden’s ex-wife Chrissy Metz and her new boyfriend Hal Rosenfeld image source

After what looked like pure matrimonial bliss, this couple caused an upset when in January 2013 when they became separated with Marty Eaden going ahead in November 2014 to file for divorce from his wife. According to his citation, he claimed there were some differences that they couldn’t reconcile thus their divorce process was formalized and finalized in 2015 December a year after the filing of the divorce.

Thankfully, the duo moved on with their respective love lives. Whereas Chrissy Metz has been in two interesting relationships already; she first became besotted with Josh Stancil, a cameraman of the television show This is Us back in 2016 but sadly she revealed in March 2018 that they were not together again during an interview on Wendy Williams show.

Chrissy is now with Hal Rosenfeld, a young man whom she is older than with 13 years. She began seeing the composer in November 2018. Martyn Eaden on his own part has retired to the background, as it is the norm with him, thereby leaving little or no detail about his love life. With the limited information he shared, it could be assumed that he’s still single.

He Has No Known Kids Yet

Marty Eaden and Chrissy Metz in the course of their five to seven years of togetherness did not produce any child neither did they co-parent any child. It is not certain now if he has any offspring anywhere as he has been very mute about his personal life.

Martyn Eaden has many times been mistaken to be Josh Stancil

Chrissy and Eaden never made any public appearances together, thus they have never been photographed together. As a result of this, many online news outlets have erroneously referred to Josh Stancil (Chrissy’s most known ex-boyfriend) as Martyn Eaden.

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