marvel cinematic universe

The Marvel cinematic universe is one that any cinema goer or a fan of films would be heavily acquainted with. Disney owns the largest share of production rights to most Marvel material and they have quite a ride planned out for us.

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Disney has a cinematographic calendar planned that will see the Marvel cinematic universe as it is now, stretching across generations. While the studio attended an open house at Marvel Studios on April 17, Mashable had the opportunity to discover more about their future projects.

Vice President of Production and Development at Marvel, Brad Winderbaum, used that opportunity to establish that the cinematographic future of Marvel (MCU) will be a long one.

marvel cinematic universe

He said that the studio has planned way beyond the new Avengers film (Infinity War) meant to hit screens in 2018. According to him;

“We’ve thought beyond this point and even the next point and the next and the next,”

“If everything goes well, we’ll continue to be part of these films for the next 70 years!”

“The best thing about working at Marvel … is that you can’t ever exhaust the characters [that you play with] in the giant sandbox that we get to play in. And even though we are coming close to a culmination of sorts, especially in terms of the Thanos story, just like Marvel comics have been around for like 70 years — that speaks to the endurance of the characters and the longevity of stories within this universe. Hopefully we get to make movies for another 70 years!”

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently 15 films deep and with 70 years ahead of us, one can only guess at how many films the entire Marvel universe will equate to at the end.