Marvel’s New Iron Man Is A 15 Year-Old Girl

Women seem to be taking over some characters that have been predominantly casted as men.

We have already heard of the possibility of James Bond being a woman– Jane Bond as she’s being called now. Marvel comics has revealed a new Iron Man to be a 15 year-old girl.

Riri Williams will be stepping in to the metallic shoes of Tony Stark as she takes on the Arc Reactor-powered red and gold metal suit.

Riri William is a genius intellect attending the MIT on scholarship. She already built her own armor from scratch in her dorm room.

This new casting in the Invincible Iron Man follows the wake of Civil War II in which Tony Stark will no longer be Iron Man.

This has of course caused numerous Tony Stark-as-Iron Man fans to speculate on the future of Tony Stark in the Marvel Universe, and also what seems like an obvious show of how Civil War II ends.

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Brian Michael Bendis the creator of Riri Williams who will continue as the writer of the new Iron Man has dispelled those fears, telling fans that no matter their speculations, they still do not know how Civil War II ends.

“More people are going to be upset that they think they know the ending to Civil War II now than anything we just talked about,

“But I can tell you just because we’re hearing what we’re saying doesn’t know you mean how Civil War II ends. We’re not telling you the end, at all,” he said.

Stefano Caselli will work with Bendis, focusing on art. Now Bendis has the problem of introducing the new Iron Man to fans.

It’s no news flash that fans will not accept that change is constant — at least changing the face of major characters.

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Bendis tells Time:

“Thankfully because of my involvement in the creation of Miles Morales and Jessica Jones and some other characters, it’s getting the benefit of the doubt from even the most surly fans,” he says referring to other new Marvel characters he introduced.

“There are fans who say, ‘Show us the new stuff,’ and then there are fans who say, ‘Don’t do anything different from when I was a kid.’ So when you’re introducing new characters, you’re always going to have people getting paranoid about us ruining their childhood.

“I’ve been down this road with Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Maria Hill. I knew I was in good hands with Mike Deodato and other artists who are helping visualize Riri,” Bendis said.