Pro-Biafra Groups Plead With United Nations To Split Nigeria Into 6 Republics

MASSOB and BIM have both made an appeal to the United Nations to split Nigeria into 6 Republics. They believe that is the only way the current economic and security problems can be addressed.

The 2 pro-Biafra groups have vowed to make the Biafra dream an achieved possibility.

Still nursing the bloody blow of the federal government on innocent Igbo citizens who were conducting their peaceful annual protest in memory of their fallen hero, Ojukwu; Movement for Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) says enough is enough.

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In 2015, it was reported that pro-Biafra groups were in talks with the United Nations to make this dream come to pass. With recent gruesome killings of the Igbos in as short as 2 months has fueled the agitation all the more.

Before now, a Nigerian governor spoke out for the wounded tribe. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State bluntly accused the president of turning the South East zones into “politically endangered species”.

The delay of the President and authorities in addressing the Fulani massacres seems to fall into place with the conclusions of the governor. Worse still when there was no atom of justification for arresting unarmed protesters and killing them.

Local report says some of the Biafran protesters were killed in their sleep in a church and school.

With all of these incidents, which the Nigerian government is systematically turning a blind eye to, MASSOB in conjunction with Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), reach out to international powers to intervene.

The Pro-Biafran groups have thus, made a plea to the United Nations to split Nigeria into 6 republics. In the past few months it has become all the more evident that the ‘fantastical’ Nigerian nationalism is very far from the Nigerian reality.

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According to their spokesperson Chris Mocha, Nigeria should be split in a way that these 6 regions be independent and take care of their affairs:

  • South East (Biafra)
  • South South (Niger Delta)
  • North East
  • North West
  • South West (Oduduwa) and
  • North- Central.

Mocha also included that the assets of these regions should be handed over to international laws. That way there will be no accommodation for undue interference and exploitation. At the same time there is a proposition that potential relations of these republics be based on mutual agreements.

The fight for Biafran sovereignty has gone beyond the Nigerian boundaries as Igbos and activists in diaspora have rekindled their agitation as well.