Things To Note About Matt Bomer’s Marriage to Simon Halls, Their Kids and His Best Works

Matt Bomer is a prominent American actor and director who is popular for his versatile performance in independent films and TV series. For his supporting role as Felix Turner in the HBO film The Normal Heart in 2014, Bomer received a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. Over the years, his acting roles have covered areas from comedy to thriller and he has been cast as both a minor and lead actor recording tremendous success in Hollywood. After coming out as gay in 2012, Bomer quickly became renowned in the industry as an LGBT activist and this has generated more interest in his love life and marriage to his husband Simon Halls, a marriage that was kept a secret until 2014.

Matt Bomer Came Out As Gay At The Risk Of Losing His Career & Family

Back in 2012, Matt Bomer confirmed the rumors surrounding his sexuality when he came out to reveal that he was a closeted gay man. As at that time he was on set of the movie Superman: Unbound and many believed he would eventually lose the titular role in the film. Albeit, that was not the case as he was cast in the role and ended up getting other outstanding roles in the years to come.

However, it was not only his career that was on the verge of being lost as the actor had also feared what his revelation will do his parents. According to Matt, he did not have the courage to face them with the truth so he opted to send them a letter explaining things to them. That did not help either as he revealed they did not speak with him for about 6 months. When he eventually got around to see them, all hell broke loose as they had a very lengthy argument. However, their relationship with him has improved over the years as they have learned to accept and love him the way he is.

The Actor Is Still With His Partner, Simon Bomer

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Matt Bomer is still married to his husband, Simon Halls; a Hollywood publicist who campaigns for celebrities such as Jude Law, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Bomer’s husband is a co-owner of a company named Slate PR based in Los Angeles and New York.

The couple has been married since 2011, theirs was a small ceremony in New York, but the marriage was kept very private until it became public to the media in 2014. They are also parents to 3 children, Kit Halls, and twin boys Walker Halls and Henry Halls; all of whom were born via surrogates.

The Hollywood star has also revealed that his decision to make his sexuality public was done for the good of his partner and their kids. He wanted to model truth for them from a very young age in their lives. He never wanted them to question the reality of their parents nor was it right for his partner to be kept in the dark. For Matt, coming out at such a crucial time did not really mean much when compared to the satisfaction his family got from the revelation.

Matt Bomer’s Interest In Films Can Be Traced To His Teenage Years

Born October 11th, 1977 in Webster Groves, Missouri, Matt Bomer is one of the three children of Elizabeth Macy and John O’Neill Bomer IV. However, he was raised alongside his sister, Megan Bomer, and brother, Neil Bomer in Spring, Texas where he attended Klein High School.

Although he started off by playing in his school’s football squad back then, he eventually made up his mind to face acting squarely when he turned 17. He started to perform in various stage plays including a performance in Alley Theatre in downtown Houston. After high school, Matt decided to pursue a degree in Fine Art at Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated in 2001. He also landed his first TV role during his college days when he played Ian Kipling in All My Children.

Fresh out of the University, Matt Bomer moved to New York City to pursue a career as an actor. Boomer was then seen from 2002 to 2003 in the soap opera series Guiding Light; where he played the role of a serial killer who ended up becoming a male prostitute. For his performance in the series, Bomer won a Gold Derby Awards for Younger Actor. He also landed a role in the supernatural drama series Tru Calling between 2003 to 2004.

Boomer Has Followed Up The Success of His Big Screen Debut in Flightplan With Other Major Works

Matt Bomer made his big screen debut as a flight attendant in the 2005 German American thriller, Flightplan. The film became his most lucrative film as at then and grossed $223.4 million worldwide. This was followed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006), where Bomer acted the role of Eric, a Vietnam War veteran who was taken captive by serial killers. That same year, he was seen in Amy Coyne playing the role of Case.

His first leading role was in the 2007 TV series Traveler in which he played Jay Burchell. Matt went on to appear in a long list of films and TV shows in the years that followed but some of the works which are considered his best include In Time a sci-fi thriller released in 2011 which also featured Justin Timberlake. His portrayal of a stripper in the 2012 film, Magic Mike gained him a lot of recognition for his acting.

Bomer also has works like Superman: Unbound, The Normal Heart, Magic Mike XXL, The Magnificent Seven, The Nice Guys, and Walking Out among the list of his major works over the years. More so, his Broadway appearance in The Boys In The Band sometime in 2018 ranks as one of his major works.

The Actor Has Had To Lose Weight For Two Of His Major Works

To play the role of an AIDS patient in HBO’s film, The Normal Heart in 2014, Matt Bomer was placed on a near extreme weight loss regimen for 14 days losing over 35lbs. He was feeding mostly on liquid – juice and tea-based cleanse at the We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Bomer said at some point he almost had no energy to go to the bathroom, but he achieved his goal with the advice of a doctor. Later on, the actor who played a stripper in Magic Mike was placed on a diet to gain back weight which he was able to achieve in a rather short time.

More so, for his appearance in The Last Tycoon, the actor had to go on a rigid diet and exercise routine to pull off his role. Although he is quite proud of his successes in transforming his body with his roles, Matt confirmed the dangers involved with drastic weight loss and gain within a short period and his doctors have warned him of the impending dangers if he embarks on such transformations in the future; such is the great length the actor has had to go to keep his fans entertained.

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