Here’s how Friends took Matt Leblanc from Zero to 100 and His Love Life Since His Divorce

One thing Matt LeBlanc rarely ever needs is an introduction, having risen to become one of the highly talked about Hollywood stars in contemporary times. Even if the actor never lands another acting role in his life, he will always be remembered for his part on the classic sitcom, Friends.

Friends, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV series of all time, ran from 1994 to 2004 and Leblanc played as one of the main characters – Joey Tribbiani. His portrayal of the dim-witted but good-natured womanizer earned him several accolades and has ensured that he will never be forgotten in the annals of Hollywood.

Matt LeBlanc’s Career Before ‘Friends’

Matt LeBlanc, whose full name is Matthew Steven Leblanc had his first acting role in Doll Day Afternoon in 1987 and this was followed by his role as Chuck Bender in the TV series, TV 101, in 1988. After TV 101, the Newton native went on to feature in other TV shows such as Anything to Survive in 1990, Top of the Heap in 1991, Vinnie & Bobby in 1992, and Class of ’96 in 1993. However, none of these movies made him a household name.

Matt LeBlanc
Matt LeBlanc and Joseph Bologna in Top of the Heap (1991)

In fact, even though he was already a Hollywood actor at the time, Matt LeBlanc was still not successful and was actually very broke. In an interview with Conan, LeBlanc revealed that he was so broke to the extent that he had just $11 dollars in his bank account and nearly starved. He was apparently down on his luck; everything seemed so very bleak and he desperately needed a big break to help him get on his feet in the industry.

Eventually, the big break he was looking for came in 1994 when he was cast in Friends.

How ‘Friends’ Completely Changed His Life

In 1994, Matt LeBlanc’s life changed completely when he was cast to portray Joey Tribbiani, a dim-witted but lovable ladies’ man on the NBC sitcom, Friends.

Friends revolved around the adventures of six pals, in their 20s and 30s, who reside in Manhattan. The show gained a massive following when it debuted and received great acclaim and popularity throughout the period it lasted. In fact, it rose to become one of the most popular television shows of all time. As a matter of fact, the series finale became the most-watched television episode of the 2000s.

Matt LeBlanc portrayed Joey Tribbiani on Friends for 10 years from 1994 to 2004 across 235 episodes. Because of the massive popularity of the show, Matt LeBlanc’s role made him incredibly famous and wealthy. In 2002, his work on Friends fetched him the Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Actor – Comedy. He also received 3 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and 3 Golden Globe award nominations.

Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer in Friends (1994)

Friends established Matt LeBlanc as a Holywood star of great repute and ushered him into a new level of stardom he never saw coming.

What Became of His Career Afterwards?

While portraying Joey Tribbiani on Friends, Matt LeBlanc was also starring in some feature movies including Lookin’ Italian in 1994, Lost in Space 1998, and Charlie’s Angels in 2000.

When Friends came to an end in 2004, LeBlanc reprised his role as Joey Tribbiani on Joey, a spin-off/sequel to Friends. The show lasted for two seasons. LeBlanc also starred in other TV series such as Web Therapy in 2013 and Episodes from 2011 to 2017.

In 2020, Matt LeBlanc is portraying Adam Burns on the sitcom Man with a Plan, a role he bagged since 2016. So far, he has appeared in more than 30 TV series and feature movies and is still going strong.

For his work onscreen, he has received several awards in the course of his career. In 2012, he won the Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy for his work in Episodes. In 2017, he won the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series for his work on Man With A Plan.

How much is He Worth?

Matt Leblanc has a net worth estimated at $60 million. He draws his fortune from his career earnings over the years. Having starred in some insanely successful TV series and feature movies, his sumptuous net worth is not surprising.

It is noteworthy that asides from his accomplished career as an actor, LeBlanc has also been a TV host. The actor at a time hosted the popular British car show, Top Gear. This was between 2016 and 2019 but he had to step down due to his desire to spend more time with his family.

With his fortune of $60 million, Leblanc has certainly come a long way from his days as a struggling actor in New York when he had just $11 in his account before he was cast in Friends.

Inside Matt LeBlanc’s Intriguing Love Life

Matt LeBlanc used to be a married man. The actor was previously married to a British/American model, Melissa McKnight. Our findings show that the two commenced their relationship in 1997 after being introduced by Mellisa McKnight’s friend.

Their relationship progressed quickly and just one year later in 1998, they got engaged. However, they waited till 2003, about 5 years later to tie the knot as husband and wife.

Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight in 2005
Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight in 2005

In 2004, Matt LeBlanc and Melissa McKnight welcomed their daughter, Marina Pearl LeBlanc. The girl suffered seizures said to be as a result of a form of dysplasia when she was younger. However, the condition has since subsided. Sadly, LeBlanc and McKnight’s marriage lasted for only three years as their union crashed leading to a divorce in 2006.

After the end of his first marriage, the Friends alum fell in love with actress, Andrea Anders. They first met on the set of the sitcom, Joey, and commenced their relationship in 2006. The couple was together for nearly a decade before calling it quits in 2015.

Matt Leblanc is, as of 2019, in a relationship with Top Gear Producer, Aurora Mulligan. Mulligan is a native of Northern Ireland and studied politics, political science, and government at Liverpool University. She has worked as a producer for networks such as ITV, Channel 5, and The BBC. Leblanc and Mulligan met during the course of their work on Top Gear. They subsequently fell for each other and commenced a relationship in 2016.

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