Endeavors That Make Up Matty Matheson’s Food Empire, His Health Issues and Family Life

Matty Matheson is a celebrity chef of Canadian origin who came to public attention after he became the host of Dead Set on Life – which is a Viceland television series. He went ahead to host other shows like Its Suppertime and Top Chef Canada.

His career started when he was employed at Le Sélect Bistro as a young adult. He was also at another restaurant called La Pallette where he put in a couple of years from 2006 to 2008. Progressively, Matty has built a food business empire encompassing the media industry as he continues to raise the bars.

At 21, Matty Matheson Was Already A Restaurant Owner

The young Matty became a restaurant owner at the age of 21 and presently, his restaurant named Parts and Labour is one of the most popular eateries across Canada.

Following his chef training and culinary management course which he accomplished at Humber College, he got employed at a French restaurant called Le Sélect Bistro. After a while, he moved on to La Palette restaurant which aided him in garnering a wealth of experience in French training, as well as culinary arts. After honing his skills through a partnership with Oddfellows in 2010, Matty Matheson went ahead to co-found Toronto’s successful Group of Chefs where they put on thematic dinners on a monthly basis at several venues in Toronto, unique locations, as well as restaurants.

He Attracted Television Gigs With His Outgoing Personality

Having garnered enough recognition with his exploits in the food industry, it wasn’t long before the media industry sought him out, largely owing to his quirky personality. Subsequently, he made an appearance on the show Munchies.

Now confident of his talent in front of the cameras and lights, Matty went on to host Viceland’s It’s Suppertime and Dead Set on Life. He also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he showed the renowned host how to make a “stuffed shell family recipe”.

Matty Has A Cookbook, Podcast And More Restaurants To His Credit

With his plethora of achievements as a cook, a cookbook was highly anticipated and Matty delivered this to his fans in October 2018 with the release of his first cookbook titled Matty Matheson: A Cookbook.

Matheson teamed up with Shlomo Buchler to launch a Pizza restaurant known as ‘Maker Pizza’. the Pizza place can be found in two locations in Toronto while Matheson still has plans of opening a new restaurant on Queen Street, Toronto.

One of Matheson’s recent endeavours is a collaboration with artist Alex 2Tone (co-founder of streetwear brand Born X Raise) in March of 2020. Together, they started a podcast titled Powerful Truth Angels.

Online Presence and Other Endeavours

Keep it Canada is the name of his web series which has gained massive popularity on social media platforms. The Toronto native is also a part-owner of Ossington Bridal Shop LoversLand which was founded by his wife.

Matty has gained popularity on Instagram where he shares wild antics food-related posts. Away from the cuisine, he is one of the greatest tattoo lovers of all time with the major part of his skin inscribed with all sorts of images like his angel tattoo which was featured by the vice.com on the 2nd of February 2017. The celebrity chef and television host revealed in an interview session with Jessica Swaffer (tattoo artist), that he got his first inscription at the age of 17.

How Rich Is Matty Matheson?

On an annual basis, Matty Matheson’s earnings from both his television shows and restaurant business range from $157,000 to $339,000, though it might exceed that, depending on prevailing factors. The Canadian chef does not only earn from his restaurant and his TV shows but has also embarked on collaborations with several hotels. Estimates put his net worth at $2 million.

Matheson Almost Died From Substance Abuse Complications

His life and career might seem perfect but the celebrity chef has a history of substance abuse. Though he has put that life behind him, Matheson struggled in his late teens and twenties to shake off the addiction.

His first attempt was with cocaine when he was in grade 11. The climax of that ugly part of his life happened when he suffered a heart attack at the age of 29 due to abuse of the hard drug. Apparently, the heart attack caused him to quit using drugs and alcohol and by the end of 2013, he started his journey to sober land. Seven months after he became sober, Matheson filmed the first episode of Keep it Canada.

The Former Rodeo Has Three Siblings

Matthew James Matheson was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on the 7th of February 1986. The popular Canadian chef is the son of Stephen Matheson who works as an engineer and Joan Matheson, who earns a living as a waitress. He grew up with two brothers namely Adam Matheson and Stephen Matheson alongside an only sister named Sarah Matheson. The siblings were raised in Fort Erie, Ontario, but in 2000, Matty relocated to the city of Toronto for his cooking training.

Before he discovered his special talent in butchering meat, Matheson spent a brief period on tour as a roadie, tagging alongside his friends’ metal band. After the tour, he decided to tap into his potentials as a chef.

Matty Matheson Married His High School Sweetheart

Matty Matheson
Matty Matheson and his baby image source

According to the Grapevine, Matty Matheson and his wife, Trish Spencer were longtime friends whose relationship took off in high school. The duo exchanged marriage vows in August 2014 at Port Dover Beach located in Ontario, Canada. Their nuptials which came after several years of dating has been going strong for almost five years and still counting.

Trish gained popularity as the founder and part-owner of Loversland, she has established a booming career as a fashion and lifestyle specialist.

They Are Parents To Two Kids

Even before they officially tied the knot, the couple was blessed with their first child – a baby boy named Macarthur. The celebrity chef seems to be completely taken with his son as he never stops sharing his photos on Instagram.

Four years into their married life, precisely on the 31st of October 2018, Matty Matheson and his wife welcomed their second child, a daughter named Rizzo Louise Matheson. The proud dad wasted no time in sharing the amazing news with the photo of their second child on Instagram. The duo appears to be the ideal couple, constantly showing a lot of support for each other.

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