These Facts Will Tell You All About Maureen Mcphilmy’s Career, Public Divorce and More

To those familiar with the public relations industry, Maureen McPhilmy is one of several figures who have made their name in the communications world. To the rest of the world, she is the woman at the center of one of the biggest scandals in Bill O’Reilly’s heavily controversial public life.

She was allegedly a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of the former Fox News host, one of several accusations leveled against him with others being sexual assault and harassment. Maureen has put that story behind her, and she is living a quieter life now. Still, that has not stopped many from wondering how she went from managing public relations for others to being the one whose public relations needs to be managed.

Before Public Relations, Maureen McPhilmy was a Waitress

Unfortunately, the juiciest parts of Maureen McPhilmy’s life have been from her relationship with O’Reilly to the present. Most things about her past, such as her education and parents are currently shrouded in mystery. We do however know Maureen is a New York native, born in Chittenango on May 11 1966.

She was not born into an affluent family, with her father being a worker at a local market, and her mother, a gardener. Her parent’s marriage did not last, but they still strived to give her a good education. They enrolled her at St. Peter’s School before she went on to college, where she graduated from a reputable university.

Before Maureen McPhilmy got her position as a public relations officer, she spent some time working as a waitress. This exposure and the reality of financial difficulties made her work hard to become a public relations executive. In her role, she led campaigns and several projects in the management and promotion of the public images of brands and individuals.

She Once Worked on A Current Affair

Because of her insistence of living outside of media attention, due to the controversy surrounding her, a lot of detail about Maureen’s career remains unknown. However, we do know that her journey in the world of public relations led her to A Current Affair, a program hosted by WNYW.

She worked as a public relations executive although the total time she spent on the show is unknown. But the show went off the air permanently in 2005 after it began its run in July 1986. It was during this period that her story with Bill O’Reilly began, forever drawing her into the spotlight.

A Current Affair’s Rivalry with Inside Edition Brought Maureen and Bill Together

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When Maureen McPhilmy was managing the public perception of A Current Affair, Bill O’Reilly was hosting Inside Edition, a tabloid-gossip program that competed with her show. It was during this period that Maureen met Bill, specifically in 1992.

Maureen and Bill were drawn to each other, and they became friends before they became lovers. Their lovely relationship blossomed into a marriage on November 2, 1996. They got married in St. Brigid Parish of Westbury, New York. It was the culmination of a budding love story which eventually produced two children – Madeline and Spencer, born in 1998 and 2003, respectively.

After dating for years, gotten married and raised two children, it seemed like their love was bound to last. That is, until 2010, when news of their separation hit the airwaves.

Maureen McPhilmy Separated from Bill O’Reilly After 14 Years of Marriage

They separated in April 2010 and began living in different houses on Long Island in May. News of their divorce was a shock to several of their fans and the public at large who adored Bill O’Reilly for his shows.

Initially, their separation was relatively amicable. Maureen and Bill completed their divorce on September 1, 2011, and agreed to share custody of their children. The divorce agreement had the children with each parent on alternating weeks, and a neutral mediator helped resolve any parenting dispute. She also received an estimated $10 million as part of their divorce settlement.

The agreement was fair and peaceful until Maureen McPhilmy learned that the neutral mediator appointed to mediate their conflicts was, in fact, a member of Bill’s household staff as a nanny. The discovery sparked an explosive custody battle that revealed the real cause of their separation and subsequent divorce.

They Parted Ways Out Over Domestic Abuse by the Fox News Host

After discovering that her ex-husband had entered their gentleman agreement in bad faith, Maureen McPhilmy took him to court. Proceedings during the court battle further revealed that not only did Bill O’Reilly pay their supposedly neutral mediator, but he was also physically abusive to Maureen.

In a testimony, their then-teenage daughter said she saw her father choking her mother and dragging her down the stairs by the neck. Her testimony also claimed that the former Fox News host is an absentee father and struggled to control his anger around his family.

Bill denied news of the allegations of domestic abuse, claiming they were 100% false. However, after receiving testimony from both children and considered other evidence, the Nassau County Supreme Court awarded full custody to Maureen.

According to the judge, who delivered the final judgement on February 24, 2015, he made the decision based on stated preferences of the children and quality of home environment provided by their mother.

She is Now Married to a Nassau County Police Detective

After her marriage to Bill O’Reilly officially ended, Maureen McPhilmy wasted no time in getting into a relationship with another man, a police detective, Jeffrey Gross. A fact that angered Bill and spurned another battle in the court of law, which he lost again.

The relationship between Maureen and Jeffrey reportedly started while Maureen was in the process of separating from Bill in 2010. Jeffrey Gross is a police officer working with the Nassau County Police Force. The couple later got married after they weathered the battle from Bill O’Reilly. The latter accused Maureen of using the settlement from their marriage to finance her relationship with Jeffrey.

Maureen McPhilmy
Bill O’Reilly has tried coming in between Maureen’s relationship with Jeffrey: image source

Just like Maureen, the marriage is Gross’ second, after he lost his first wife to cervical cancer in 2006. In like manner with Maureen, his first marriage produced two children. When exactly they got married is currently unknown, but the two have been married for a while now, living their lives and raising their four children quietly in Manhasset, New York.


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