Who is Max Gail and How Much is He Worth?

Many people get famous for various things and for Max Gail, acting is his forte. The dexterous actor has not only proved his worth via acting but has also transitioned from being an actor to becoming a producer and an activist. That regardless, his many other occupations aside acting have never affected his overwhelming performances on screen, Max still has the acting spell.

Who is Max Gail?

Although christened Maxwell Trowbridge Gail Jr., the actor is popularly known as Max Gail. He was born on April 5, 1943, in Detroit, Michigan and is a twin. Max is one of the 7 children born to Maxwell Trowbridge Gail and Mary Elizabeth. Moreso, Max and his siblings all had their formative years in Grosse Ile.

For his education, Max Gail was a scholar at the Williams College where he obtained a degree in Economics. After graduating, he proceeded to the University of Michigan to study International Finance, he also earned an MBA from the institution later on.

As a child, Max Gail got fascinated with music and was attracted to the piano in particular. He took to his spare times and begun taking classes on the basics of playing the piano from his dad. But learning from his dad, Max was limited with knowledge so he took to practicing all by himself, mixing different keynotes to create wonderful rhythms.

Ironically, after graduating one would have expected Max Gail to pursue his passion in arts, however, he took up a number of comprising jobs. He worked as an instructor for the University Liggett School and later progressed to serving as a professor of English and Ancient History at the Grosse Pointe University School.

Years after, Max Gail resigned and pursued his acting career on stage in 1970 starring as Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest after which his career grew and he appeared in a number of stage plays. Max became a star with his recurring role on Barney Miller TV series (1975-1982).

He thereafter starred in several TV dramas which include: Whiz Kids (1983) where he played the role of Llewellan Farley, Jr., Normal Life (1990), and Sons & Daughters (2006) among others. He also appeared as a guest in Walker, Cannon, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Due South, The Streets of San Francisco, Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers to mention a few. Other films Max Gail was involved in include: D. C. Cab (1983), The Twitch (1993), 42 (2013), Underdog Kids (2015), and The Cool Kids (2018) e.t.c. Also, Gail narrated documentaries including Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime (1988).

Over the years, he has seen many award nominations as well as wins. Max has won two primetime awards. Well, films like You Don’t Know Jack: The Jack Soo Story (2009), Always and Forever (2009), 42 (2013), Mad Men (2015), and General Hospitals (2018) did not only prove his acting prowess but of course, pushed him more to stardom.

Besides acting, Max Gail has taken his creativity into movie production and is the head of a film production house called Full Circle. With all these on record, Max is still very much considered as reserved.

How Much is Max Gail Worth?

Since his acting career kicked off, Max Gail has worked on several movies which have been quite successful. From these works, the actor has amassed a considerable net worth for himself. He has also attracted several endorsements deals which have all contributed his net worth. From all these, his net worth has been estimated at $6 million.

Is He Married and Who is His Wife?

Max Gail
Max Gail and Wife

With regards to his personal life, Max Gail tied the nuptial with Willie Bier with whom he had his first child (India) in 1984. Willie was later diagnosed with cancer and sadly died afterward in 1986. In 1989, he again married Nan Harris, the mother of his two younger children, Maxwell and Grace.

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Quick Facts About Max Gail

  • Gail has a twin sister and another two sets of twins as siblings. His twin sister has taken to entertainment like Max. However, she is into teaching and writing. His younger brother is also an actor.
  • Max had an interest in American football and participated in it while in college. He, however, suffered a knee injury that has led to a recent surgery.
  • Following the death of his first wife, Max Gail found a cause to be a narrator in Hoxey: When Healing Becomes a Crime.
  • As to his height, Max Gail has a height of 6 feet and 0 inches (182.9cm)


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