Meet The Senegalese Woman Who Could Be Killed In Saudi Arabia

Senegalese citizens have taken up national campaigns to speak up for Mbayang Diop, a national reportedly arrested in Saudi Arabia for a murder crime.

Mbayang Diop is a 22-year old Senegalese woman who is currently in jail and awaiting trial in the eastern city of Dammam. Mbayang was arrested some weeks ago for allegedly killing the woman she worked for.

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There are strong speculations that the young woman will face a death penalty in Saudi Arabia. This has prompted Senegalese citizens to launch a protest in front of the central mosque in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, pleading clemency for her.

Before her journey to the middle East. Mbayang Diop lived in Dakar with her 3-year old child. She was a divorced single mum.

According to the brother of the accused, his sister was deceived into making that journey. The traffickers had assured her that a well-paying job and a conducive work environment awaited her in Saudi Arabia.

She was told she would be earning a monthly salary of 600,000 CFA ($1,025, £770).

On getting there, she was disappointed. Her brother confirms that the accused spoke with him over the phone complaining of the ill treatments that she was getting. She lamented that she wanted to return back home to Senegal.

The Diop family became worried more so when they had not heard from their daughter and sister in a while. They decided to write to Senegal’s foreign affairs ministry.

“That’s when we got a call from the ministry, informing us of her arrest.”

“It is hard to know that your sister has such a big problem abroad and you can’t do much, you can’t go there, you can’t phone there.”

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Senegal’s Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye is aware of the Mbayang Diop’s case. The Minister acknowledges that Diop’s case was not the first of its kind. He also said that the government is on the hunt for the traffickers.

Recall that in January, the Ugandan government banned Ugandans from taking up jobs as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia over incessant reports of gross abuse and maltreatment.

Last week also, some Nigerians were killed by firing squad in Indonesia.

Senegalese citizens via protests and campaigns are urging the government to intervene in Mbayang Diop’s case. They advocate that the accused African young mother be extradited and tried in Senegal.

Report says that the Senegalese ambassador in Saudi Arabia will visit Mbayang Diop in prison today.