President Obama Makes A Huge Space For African Youths

Under MCC’s Africa’s Promise, President Obama has set out to empower African youths.

It appears that this group of people in Africa are often forgotten. This should not be so given that in time, they will have to deal with the mantle of leadership and administration of the African society, politically and otherwise.

In the world over, it is a fact that the economic pressure in the world rubs off the most on the young. But when you are an African the stress of being young is tripled.

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For the above reason, President Obama who has in more ways than one shown empathy and understanding for the growing generation is set to reach out to African youths who need a lift in these hard economic times.

Under the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), an initiative known as Africa’s Promise has been established to empower African youths by providing internship opportunities.

The internship offers will be made available in various MCC projects in areas like clean water, electricity, land rights and education.

It will be valid for 18-35-year old persons across the African continent. The programme will be functional by next year.

MCC ‘s Africa’s Promise initiative was announced recently by President Obama at a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) town hall in Washington, D.C.

“By increasing opportunities for young men and women across Africa to gain important job skills, MCC is supporting and empowering them to build a better tomorrow for their communities.”

“For Africa to reach its full potential, it will need experienced public sector leaders who can write the next chapter in Africa’s story.”-MCC Chief Executive Officer Dana J. Hyde

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is an independent U.S. Government agency created in 2004. It’s objective is partnering with the world’s poorest countries in alleviating poverty and improving governance. They help these countries by way of grants.

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MCC’s Africa’s Promise initiative will only be a reality for the countries that meet the requirements of MCC’s Board of Directors. The Board checks out for “third-party indicators like government effectiveness, control of corruption, and gender in the economy.”

MCC’s Africa’s Promise is committed to ensuring that students obtain the knowledge and skills that can help them get better jobs and improve their livelihoods.