6 Female Kenyan Stars Who Have Aged Well But Don’t Look Their Real Age

Staying young and beautiful for as long as you possibly can, especially as a celebrity in the showbiz is a requirement; that is if you want to remain relevant in the entertainment industry. In the Kenyan showbiz thankfully, there are some celebrities who you might look at differently if you get to know their ages.

You might have thought of them as pretty young ladies but I bet you will no longer think that way once you find out their real ages. Some of them look way older than they actually are while others look much younger. But to those who look younger, we lavish credit on them for their great feat of clinging to their youthful look. Take a look at  these six Kenyan stars who have somehow found the fountain of youth and probably haven’t told anyone!

Pierra Makena

Born on the 11th of April, in Meru county, Pierra Makena is the first on our list. She is seen as one of the most hardworking women in recent times with a whole lot of skills in her kitty. Apart from being a renowned Dj, she is an actress, marketer, OAP  among others. We can’t believe how old the mix-mistress (as she is fondly called) is because she looks so much younger than we probably expected, but the radio presenter and film director/producer is unbelievably over 30 years of age. She will soon mark her 36th birthday on this planet this year.

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Sheilah Mwanyigha


Sheila is so gorgeous that any man would want to make her his. Taking into account that she was involved in a grisly road accident that required her to get over 19 stitches to her left eye including surgery on her back, Sheila is definitely a fighter. She also advocates that anyone who has been injured in one way or another should proudly wear the scar(s). Regardless of the accident, the looks of the singer and songwriter might probably make you think the star is yet to approach 24, but that’s far from it. Sheila Mwanyigha is certainly more than 30 even though her exact date of birth is among the three queries that won’t generate search results on Google alongside the exact day of Jesus’ second coming, and answers to your prayers. The hot star has managed to maintain her charm and looks far younger than we ever expected.

Julie Gichuru


Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru is not only a media personality or entrepreneur with investments ranging from fashion to entertainment, she is also gorgeous. If you thought she was much younger, prepare to have your mind blown (spoiler alert!) because Julie Gitchuru is much older than you think she is. She is 44 years old but nevertheless, looks amazing and timeless. In fact, it has been said that Julie Gichuru will not age in 20 years time. She is a mother of four super beautiful kids, and still looks like a young undergraduate at the university. It won’t be much of a surprise if she still gets the attention of men even at her current age.



Didn’t Wahu and Nameless marry just a minute ago (or almost 12 years ago)? The singer-songwriter, former fashion model, actress and entrepreneur whose full name is Rosemary Wahu Kagwi has no doubt stayed the same when it comes to her flawless and ever radiant ebony skin. Regardless of the fact that she is currently 37 and a mother of two lovely kids, she still looks gorgeous as ever like an African goddess. We guess the rigorous dieting for models as well as her frequent music performances have gone a long way to help her achieve this feat. Kudos girl.

Talia Oyando


Taila Oyando happens to be the daughter of the renowned producer Maurice Oyando. The night nurse as she is popularly called, has been asked by curious fans if she learnt some age-defying magic during her years in the Kenyan entertainment industry? The reason being that although the radio star turned the big 30 last year, she still looks as youthful as she did when she was roaming the Kenyan entertainment industry as a kid star. Incredibly, the mother of one hasn’t really aged much since 2001 when she, together with her music group, Talma released their debut album, Jambo Rafiki at the age of 17. It’s hard to think that she’s gotten older; but she has and she’s 31 now.

Terry Anne Chebet


Here is another Kenyan star who looks less than her real age. The former Citizen Tv anchor of the early morning business show always stunned viewers with her beauty and dress sense. Many girls wanted to be her while some guys wanted to date her. Unfortunately for the guys, she happens be a mother of two. Well this may not be a problem for some guys who don’t mind at all; and considering that she has never been married, guys might just have a chance at stealing her heart. Although, her current age  is 35, you will agree with me that she could be regarded as a 20-something year old lady.

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