Meet Annie Macaulay Idibia’s Children With 2Baba – Isabella and Olivia Idibia

Annie Macaulay Idibia has two children with her superstar husband, 2 Baba. The couple had their first child, daughter Isabella, in December 2008, while their second child, another daughter named Olivia, was born in January 2014.

While Olivia and Isabella are Annie’s only children, her husband has five other kids from two other relationships. They are Ehi Idibia, Nino Idibia, Zion Idibia, Justin Agaba Idibia, and Innocent Ejeh Oluwakitan Idibia.

Meet Annie Macaulay Idibia’s Children With 2face

Considering how good she looks, it’s hard to imagine that this stunning actress has had any children. Meanwhile, Annie has two daughters – Isabella and Olivia Idibia with an unnerving resemblance to their father. Let’s meet Annie Macaulay Idiba’s children with the renowned Nigerian music legend.

Isabella Idibia

She is the first of the two children between Annie and 2Face. Isabella was born on the 10th of December 2008 which was before her parents walked down the aisle. Currently, she has grown taller than her mother already and recorded several milestones in life already.

From all indications, Isabella has followed her mother’s footsteps as she began acting when she was just a child. She is also a model and child ambassador for different brands. She is quite active on social media, especially Instagram where she has over 63k followers, and isn’t shy to gush about her love for her parents.

Isabella is growing into a smart and beautiful young woman and her mother won’t stop singing her praise on social media. She graduated from primary school with several honors and proceeded to secondary school at age 9. Isabella made her debut in Nollywood in 2018 in the Mr X family show where she starred as Richard Mofe-Damijo’s daughter.

Olivia Idibia

Born on the 3rd of January 2014, Olivia is 2Face and Annie’s second daughter and younger sister to Isabella. Olivia, who has an uncanny resemblance to her father is also a model. She has had to go through surgery twice for the correction of her bow legs and her mother has praised her for remaining strong despite the pain she had to endure.

Like her elder sister and mother, Olivia has taken to acting. She is also a singer, an incredible dancer, a designer, and a great cook. She has an active Instagram account with over 32k followers. Olivia is a brand ambassador for Eve After Dark.

How Many Step-children Does Annie Idibia Have?

Annie Macaulay Idibia’s children with 2Baba may just be two but she has five stepchildren in all. The other kids are from two different women who are recognized as the singer’s baby mamas. 2Face and Sumbo Ajaba have two sons together while he and Pero Adeniyi share two sons and one daughter.

Ehi Idibia

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Ehi is 2baba’s first daughter. She was born on April 27th in 2006. She, alongside her mother (Pero Adeniyi) and brothers, are based in the United States. Despite the distance, her father continues to celebrate her several milestones on social media.

Nino Idibia

Born on the 15th of January 2006 to 2Face and Sumbo Ajaba. Nino is 2Faces’ first child. Nino, whom his mother has described as self-driven, high performing in sports and academics, has taken to music just like his father and is a skilled saxophonist. He made his musical debut in March 2016 at the Change Conference. He is also an award-winning Chess Master and a model.

Zion Idibia

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Zion is the second child Sumbo Ajaba had for 2Face. He was born on the 29th of April 2008. He is very close to his brother and is also an artist. Zion is an athlete with a strong bias for football and racing.

The young lad was in 2018 made the music prefect in his school, making his parents very proud of him. He is obviously gaining attention already with a great prospect in the music industry.

Justin Agaba Idibia

Justin Agaba Idibia is Tuface’s 3rd son and 5th child. Justin, like his sister, is based in the United States with his mother Pero Adeniyi. He was born on the 8th of May, 2009. In November 2018, Justin, who schools in Howard County, US, bagged the ‘Black Students Achievement Award’ for his academic success. His proud parents celebrated this milestone on social media.

Innocent Ejeh Oluwakitan Idibia

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Innocent who is named after his father is the third child between Pero and 2Face. He was born on the 8th of April 2012.

What’s Annie’s Relationship With her Step-children Like and How Does it Affect Her Marriage?

Well, for one, she doesn’t see them as step kids but takes them as her own. Annie has often said she wishes they all came through her but since that is not the case, she has come to accept them all as her children. They have all bonded together and her own children with her husband also have a good relationship with their half-siblings.

Despite the circumstances surrounding their relationship and eventual marriage, Annie has not let the fact her husband has children with other women affect her love for him. She has unconditional love for 2Baba, though she has said she doesn’t wish her daughters would fall into the hands of a man who has children with other women.

How Annie and 2Baba Met

Annie and 2Faces’ love story is one that is filled with several twists and turns. Some will even say that this duo was destined to be together, considering all the storms they have weathered together. These two met when Annie was just 15 years old at Even Ezra Music Studio. This was in 1999 a and they initially became friends but by 2004 when 2Face shot his African Queen music video, they were already an item. They started dating in 2002.

Annie, who was a budding actress at the time, began to encounter some difficulties in the entertainment industry because she was seen as “2Face’s girl” this was the genesis of their first breakup after which 2Face got two women pregnant consecutively. This caused another rift between them and they had several breakups and makeups.

When Did Annie Idibia Officially Become 2Baba’s Wife?

Annie Macaulay Idibia's children with 2Baba
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Just like the saying – love conquers all, on Valentine’s Day In 2012, 2Baba proposed to Annie at Jay Jay Okocha’s Club in Victoria Island, Lagos. The lovebirds legalized their union secretly in a Lagos Registry on the 1st of May 2012.

They later had their traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom on the 8th of March, 2013, which was a very elaborate affair witnessed by several dignitaries. Their white wedding took place in Dubai on the 23rd of March, 2013, with A-listers in attendance.

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