Meet The Black And Beautiful Identical Twin Judges

Shanta Owens and Shera Grant are the beautiful black American sisters and identical twins who have both become district judges in the same court house.

An interesting part of the identical twin judges’ story is that one gets to swear in the other.

Early this year, Shera Grant was appointed to the position of a district judge in Jefferson County by Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley.

Shanta has served in that position since 2008; and will be up for re-election in 2020. Shanta had the golden opportunity to swear in her twin sister, Shera.

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“Ms. Grant is highly qualified, motivated and prepared to be a district judge. The governor’s office found out about her twin sister during the interview process. Public service seems to be a trait that runs in her family.”  – Jennifer Ardis, Communications Director for

Already they are strikingly identical. They still go on to share quite a number of things in common. To start with the beautiful identical twin judges graduated from the same schools- Alabama State University and Louisiana State University’s law school. Both are now certified district judges in Birmingham.


On a more personal note, identical twin judges are married. Shanta who is 4 minutes older than Shera is married to Rahman Owens. They have 2 beautiful children, Berkeley and August. Shera is also married to Daryl Grant, a Managing Director with Accenture. They equally have 2 beautiful children, Madelyn and Grey, Jr.

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Their spouses- Rahman and Daryl- have been childhood best friends. Guess what else? The identical twin judges have 6-year old daughters and 3-year old sons who share the same birthdays.


Identical twin judges, Shera Grant and Shanta Owens, were raised by a single mother, Loretta Bitten. She worked as a librarian at Birmingham Library.

While Grant will handle small civil cases her sister and older colleague, Shanta handles criminal cases.