Meet Churchill Nanje: Founder Of Africa’s First Job Search Engine

Churchill Nanje is the founder of Njorku, one of Africa’s biggest job search engines.

The 30-year old software engineer hails from a small town of Buea, south-west Cameroon.

Njorku is a unique tech-invention. While similar sites host jobs, Nanje came up with a search engine that will serve job hunting purposes.

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“We wanted to build a tool that is as big as an elephant. That’s the inspiration behind the name and the logo.”

“Basically we are like a Google search engine for jobs in Africa.”

“Recently we saw a lot of traffic from Sudan, like 500 users daily. I don’t even know how they got to us.”

Churchill Nanje invented his search engine in his bedroom. For 5 years Njorku has served more than 2 million unique users across 11 African countries.


The African tech-inventor says he started off from a very humble beginning. There were days he didn’t have either a laptop or a computer; how much more affording to pay for the internet.

Nanje would hang around Cyber cafes hoping for a favor to use the internet.

“From there I was able to get skills, make money, get a house for myself, get a business, employ people, pay taxes and even take care of my younger brothers; put them through school and everything.”

Njorku was not Nanje’s first invention. At the age of 20 he had set up an IT consultancy, AfroVision.

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“I have grown AfroVision Group ( from 2006 to present and it’s a profitable venture but it deals more with consulting with over 10 employees and partners around the world. This also helped me a lot while setting up Njorku.”

Njorku has served about 500,000 users in the past 1 year. It is listed as Forbes top African start-up.

With the alarming rate of unemployment in the continent. Njorku, meaning elephant in Bantu language, is helping thousands of unemployed Africans find jobs.