Have You Met The Mcghee Sextuplets? This Is What They Look Like Now

In 2010, the family portrait of the Mcghee sextuplets made them internet sweethearts. A few months after the picture, the Mcghee sextuplets and their parents were featured on the Oprah Winfrey.

According to Mia, the sextuplets’ mother, she only posted the pictures on Facebook to show the children to her husband’s family. And before anyone knew it, the lovely family picture of tiny but gorgeous sextuplets had gone viral.

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The couple Rozonno and Mia Mcghee tried for 3 years to have a child. Incidentally, they gave a shot to fertility treatments. Mia became pregnant with twins but sadly lost them.

“They were kicking and moving and everything. But when they clipped the cord is when they died. I remember when it hit me. (I thought) ‘My God, why did this happen to us?”

The couple didn’t give up. They gave it another shot and this time they were 6 of them. Mia says the sextuplets are quite a handful to take care of. Nevertheless they are her bundle of joy and will always be grateful for them.

Mcghee Sextuplets

Six years later, another photo of the Mcghee Sextuplets shows up stealing hearts one more time. The family re-enacted the initial family photo for the sextuplet’s 6th birthday. They used very same photographer, same studio and in same positions.

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The McGhee Sextuplets are the first sextuplets in the history of Columbus, Ohio. Clearly, catering for 6 infants at a time was overly challenging. So the Mcghees found a way to work on the financial aspect.

In 2012, the Mcghees debuted their reality show, 6 Little Mcghees on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The show portrayed the family life of the Mcghees. Mia is a stay home mum while Rozonno runs an upholstery business.

The 6 Little Mcghees reality show aired weekly on the OWN network from 2012-2014. The show won 20th Annual NAMIC Vision Awards in 2014.