Meet Jackie Steves, Rick Steves’ Daughter

Jackie Steves is an American High School English teacher, piano instructor, and adventurer best known as the daughter of Rick Steves – an American author, travel guide, travel blog writer, activist, and popular television personality. 

Jackie learned a few of the skills she possesses now as an adult from her father while she was growing up under his care. She shies away from media attention, unlike her father, who revels in getting all the attention he can get. She lives a very easygoing life whilst pursuing a career that imparts very relevant skills to the next generation. She is happily married and loves traveling around exotic sites with either her father or husband. She shares in her father’s passion for travel and exploration, the only difference being that she is yet to make a career out of it like her dad.

Jackie Steves’ Biography Summary

  • Full name: Jacqueline Steves Davies
  • Nickname: Jackie Steves
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1990
  • Jackie Steve’s Age: 33 years
  • Ethnicity:  Caucasian
  • Nationality:   American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Capricon
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion:  Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Jackie Steves’s Husband: Damian Conrad – Davies
  • Jackie Steves’s Children: Possibly a son
  • Jackie Steves’s Parents: Rick Steves (father) and Anne Steves (mother)
  • Jackie Steves’s Siblings: Andy Steves
  • Jackie Steves’s Height in Inches:  5 feet and 5 inches
  • Jackie Steves’s Height in Centimetres: 165
  • Jackie Steves’s Weight: 55 Kilograms (121 lbs)
  • Body measurements in inches: 34 – 27 – 35
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 86 – 68 – 88
  • Jackie Steves Educational Background: Georgetown University, and Columbia State University
  • Jackie Steves’s Net worth: About $ 1 million
  • Famous for: being Rick Steves’ daughter, her father’s  travel Vlogs and Blog sites
  • Jackie Steves’s Instagram: @jackiesteves
  • Facebook:

Rick Steves’ Daughter, Jackie Steves, was Born in Seattle in 1990

Jacqueline Steves, also known as Jackie Steves, is the second child born in the marriage of Rick and Anne Steves. She was born in Seattle, Washington DC, in the United States of America. The exact date of her birth has never been disclosed either by her parents or herself personally, but we know that she was born sometime in 1990.

Despite the fact that she is quite popular on the Internet, she has refused to tell the public what her true date of birth is for reasons best known to her.

Her father, Rick Steves, at the time of her birth, was a Travels & Tours guide/expert who traveled a lot and sometimes takes the family along on such trips. She was able to explore very diverse locations both in and out of the United States of America while she was growing up. Her father also had a studio where he taught piano lessons, and it seems that the daughter got some piano lessons herself and became a very good piano player.

Details of her early childhood education are not known, but we know that she obtained her first degree from Georgetown University, where she majored in Government and English language, with a minor in History. After this, she then proceeded to Columbia State University, where she obtained her Master of Arts degree.

She grew up with an older and only sibling – a brother named Andy Steves, whose life is heavily influenced by his father’s career, as he also has a travel agency just like his father. They grew up in a very comfortable family as her father became a very popular travel guide and author who could afford to give her the fairy lifestyle of a princess.

Jackie Steves is a very conservative and secretive person who has decided to stay away from public attention and scrutiny by all means. She guards her private life very jealously, So there is not much information out there about certain aspects of her life.

Jackie Steves’s Parents Got Married in 1984

Jackie Steves’ parents profoundly affected her life and who she has become today as a woman. Her mother, Anne Steves, is an American nurse, charity partner, and activist. She is said to be a very staunch activist who promotes liberal values that she holds dear and true. She is also one person who doesn’t like the media attention that the work and life of her husband attract to the family.

Jackie’s father, on the other hand, is Richard Steves Jr., who is better known as Rick Steves. He lives a very adventurous life and has made a career out of helping other people discover very exotic places to explore and relax or get away from the maddening life in the city.

Her parents were said to have met each other in a restaurant in Barstow, California, in the United States sometime in 1982 and struck off a casual relationship. Over the next coming months, the relationship began to grow and culminated in marriage sometime in 1984 in the presence of their families and loved ones. They had two children in the course of the marriage and lived a fun-filled life.

They Divorced in 2010

From all indications, Jackie grew up in a very solid family. Sadly, the marriage between her father and mother probably went through some rough patch towards the late 2000s, which both parties were unable to resolve, and it eventually ended in a divorce officially on March 5, 2010 – putting an end to their 26-year-old union. The details of what led to their divorce are not readily known, nor has it been disclosed by both parties, so one can only speculate that they had irreconcilable differences and drifted apart.

Jackie Steves was about 20 years old when her parent’s divorce got finalized, and by then she was already an adult who could make her choices and didn’t really need to depend on either parent. It is not clear if she had bad feelings towards any of her parents, as she can still appear occasionally in her father’s travel Vlogs and Blogs. Her relationship with her mother is not exactly known since both of them live closely guarded lives and do not really disclose details of their life to the public at all.

From all we can gather about her from close family members, she has never spoken ill of any of her parents, and she doesn’t seem to have any reservations toward them whatsoever. Her father is believed to be dating another woman currently – the Reverend Shelley Bryan Wee, Bishop of the NorthWest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The current relationship between Jackie Steves and her father’s girlfriend is unknown.

Jackie Steves is Rick Steves Only Daughter

From all information available to the public, the marriage union between Rick and Anne Steves produced just two children – a boy, Andy, and a girl, Jacqueline (also known as Jackie) Steves, so we can confidently state that Jackie Steves is the only daughter that Rick Steves has.

However, since her father, Rick Steves, divorced her mother, Anne, more than a decade ago, there have been unconfirmed reports that he began seeing another woman who we are not sure has had any children for him, as they have kept all information about their relationship away from the prying eyes of the media or the paparazzi. Even though the media space has been rife with speculations that he might have welcomed other children, especially daughters, due to his relationship with this new woman in his life, nothing has been confirmed, and Jackie Steves remains the only known daughter of Rick Steves.

Jackie Steves Has Built a Career For Herself as a Teacher

Jackie Steves is a very coy individual and rarely discloses any information about her personal life to the public. The bits and pieces of information that are known about her life and career come mostly from the information revealed by those that are very close to her, like her father and husband.

She is an English teacher at Notre Dam Academy in the United States of America, and she is also believed to be a member of Sacred Heart Josephium Academy. She spends her days teaching High School kids English and possibly History, and it may also be safe to assume that she loves being around children.

She is also a part-time piano teacher, passing her skills, knowledge, and dexterity learned playing the piano from her father to those who want to play this beautiful instrument just like her. Playing the piano seems like one of her passions as an upright piano can be seen in a few pictures posted by her husband, possibly of their home.

She is also known to appear a lot in her father’s very popular travel vlogs, and she is believed to have written some articles which have been posted on her father’s travel blog sites. There are quite a few pictures, and videos of her on her father and husband’s Social Media handles which seem to suggest that she also loves traveling and exploring new sights and sounds, just like her very popular father.

There are also rumors that she has her travel blog and vlog site, but she may or may not have them and could be writing for these sites under another name or moniker. So far, there are no travel vlogs or blog sites with her name attached to them.

Jackie Steves is Married to Damian Conrad-Davis

Jackie Steves is currently married to her long-term heartthrob, Damian Conrad-Davis. The couple has been together for what some estimate to be more than a decade now. As with all things related to the very secretive Jackie Steves, the exact timeline of the couple’s road to marriage is not known, but we will share all that we know about them.

Damian Conrad-Davis is an American actor, creator, designer, producer, comedian, and adventurer. He was born in December 1986 in Bismarck, North Dakota, to his father, Paul Davis, and mother, Evelyn Conrad. He is the second child in the family and has four other siblings. He is believed to have spent most of his childhood between Augusta, Georgia, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. While he was in his final year of High School, his parents moved the family to Lamoni, Iowa, in the United States.

His dream after completing his high school education was to relocate to Los Angeles to attend a prestigious acting school or learn the ropes as an actor, but his parents persuaded him to go to Graceland University, their Alma Mata instead, where he was scouted to play both Baseball and Football.

His passion for acting quickly overshadowed his ability for sports, and he gravitated towards the theater department of the university, where he spent the next five years of his life learning the methods of Stanislavski, singing in musicals, building production sets, etc. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Performance.

He moved to Chicago after obtaining his degree and got his first job as a Segway tour guide in downtown Chicago. He also began appearing in a few television and film production. After staying in Chicago for seven years, he decided against his agent’s advice to move to Los Angeles to continue his career growth, and he has been able to put together an awesome production team.

After being together for several years, Damien proposed to Jackie in August 2019. Jackie shared pictures from their wedding on Facebook on the 4th of January, 2022. She thanked their friends and family who made the trek out to the Pacific Northwest despite the snow/ice storm, flight cancellations, and covid.

Does Jackie Steves Have Any Children With Her Husband?

This is one question that cannot be answered quite easily. As stated earlier, Jackie Steves is very protective of her personal life and hardly shares any information about it with the general public. In fact, her private life is so guarded that her Instagram handle is set to private. So if all information were based on what she was putting out, one would probably assume that she doesn’t seem to have any children yet.

On the other hand, some of the information that is available out there is actually gotten from the Social Media handle of Jackie Steves’ husband, Damian Conrad-Davis. From the pictures that he posts on his Instagram handle, we can see that he has shared pictures of his picture holding a little boy that he referred to as his son on a few occasions – whether this is just a props photo or his actual child is what is not readily known to us. In conclusion, she may or may not have a son or other children with her husband.

How Active Is Jackie Steves On Social Media?

Jackie Steves has a presence on Instagram, but she does not make use of the platform very much. She has made just 15 posts on her handle since she signed on, and her handle is a private one that requires her permission to allow you into her world on Instagram. She also has a very paltry 595 followers on the platform.

She is believed to be more interested in using Facebook, as she has made more posts and shared more pictures on her Facebook page than she does on her Instagram account.

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