Meet Johnny McCullar, Kyla Pratt’s Father

Kyla Pratt’s father, Johnny McCullar, is a former American semi-professional basketball player who has gained so much media attention simply because he is the father of Kyla, one of the most successful teen actors. Johnny McCullar has a total of five children with his wife of several years, Kecia Pratt McCullar.

Johnny and his wife, Kecia, got married in the mid-1980s and had their first child Kyla Pratt in 1986. Four more children were added to the McCullar household, and they have all been raised away from the scrutiny of the media.

Johnny McCullar’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Johnny McCullar
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation:  Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Johnny McCullar’s Wife: Kecia Pratt- McCullar
  • Johnny McCullar’s Children: Kyla Pratt, Allen Pratt, Doheen Pratt, Kejahn Pratt, and an unnamed child
  • Famous for: Being Kyla Pratt’s father

Kyla Pratt’s Father, Johnny McCullar, Played Semi-professional Basketball

Kyla Pratt’s father, Johnny McCullar, was a semi-professional basketball player when he was much younger, but he did not go on to actually play professional basketball in his life.  It has also been revealed that he was a trainee stockbroker at some point in his life in the past.

However, what Kyla Pratt’s father actually does for a living presently is not known. He is publicity averse, and media attention is only on him because he is the father of a very popular black actress. He does not have any Social Media presence, and limited information is available about him online.

Who is Johnny McCullar’s Wife?

Johnny McCullar’s wife is and has always been Kecia Pratt-McCullar. She is the only woman that has been associated with him to date. She was a school teacher who is probably retired now. She taught at Stephen C. Foster Elementary School in Compton, Los Angeles, in the United States of America.

Alumni of Stephen C. Foster Elementary School, Compton, testify that Kecia Pratt-McCullar was a very good woman and teacher who imparted sound discipline, love, and knowledge to her students while she was still teaching there. They also stated that she was a good Christian who loved all her students and cared for them as her own, not just treating them as her job.

There is no record available in the public space about their love life, but we can infer that they probably met each other in the early 1980s. They probably married in the mid-1980s, as they had their first daughter, Kyla, on September 16, 1986. They went on to have 4 more children – but whether all four children were their own biological children is not clear at this moment.

Moreover, there have been rumors of infidelity and divorce between Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt, and it is not clear if they are truly divorced or if they are still living together as husband and wife and working through whatever issues they may presently have or have had in the past.

Johnny McCullar Has Five Children, Including Kyla Pratt

The marital union between Kyla Pratt’s father, Johnny McCullar, and his wife, Kecia Pratt-McCullar, produced five children in all. Johnny McCullar and his wife Kecia would have been like your everyday regular American family if their daughter did not become the popular and successful actress that she is today.

The McCullar family cherish their privacy so much that they have never divulged any of their private information to the public. Hence much of what we know about them has been through what Kyla Pratt revealed about them. Let us get to meet Johnny McCullar’s children.

Allen Pratt

Allen Pratt is the first son of Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt. He was born on October 8, 1998, and is reported to be Kyla Pratt’s half-brother – which, in turn, means that he is not the biological child of Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt-McCullar. Allen’s biological father is listed as Stacey Allen Morris, who, unfortunately, is deceased right now.

It is not clear what exactly Kecia Pratt’s relationship is with her son Allen. We do not know if he is her biological son, who she had for another man or the son of a friend or relative who they decided to take into their household when his father died. Allen, on the other hand, has maintained a very low profile as he is not even on Social Media, which has made getting further information about his life almost impossible.

Doheen Pratt

Doheen Pratt is the second son of Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt-McCullar. He was born sometime in 1991, but his exact birth day and month are not known. Not much was known of Doheen Pratt until 2005 when an unfortunate and juvenile delinquent behavior got him in trouble with the law.

When Doheen was 13, he was arrested and convicted – despite being considered a minor, for the murder of a young lady named Nicole Williamson. Doheen was trying to impress a local gang of which he was a member, so he shot young Nicole Williamson in the head during a drive-by shooting incident. Nicole was pronounced dead on the spot, and she tragically died right in front of her parents.

Doheen was arrested by the authorities, tried, and sentenced to 10 years in jail for the murder of Ms Nicole Williamson. He was sent to a Youth Correctional facility in California. In December 2013, after having served 8 out of his 10-year sentence, Doheen was released at 22. He is reported to have turned a new leaf and trying to live a responsible life going forward.

Kyla Pratt posted a picture of herself and her brother Doheen in June 2020 on her Instagram handle and wrote Happy Birthday to the real one. Well, some of her fans used the opportunity to remind her that her brother was a killer.

Kejahn Pratt

Kyla Pratt shared a picture collage of her sister, Kejahn, on her Instagram handle and expressed her disbelief that her little sister has turned 18 already. She further told her that she loves her and wished her beautiful sister a very happy birthday. And that is about all that we know of her little sister right now.

Mysterious Fifth Child

As expressed earlier, much of what we know about Johnny McCullar and Kecia Pratt’s children are the details of what has been revealed by their eldest child, Kyla Pratt – information about her reveals that she is the oldest of five children. So far, Kyla has not yet revealed any information about her fourth sibling, and we do not know if it is a male or female sibling.

Johnny McCullar Has a Good Relationship With His Daughter Kyla Pratt

The relationship between Kyla Pratt and her father, Johnny McCullar, can, at best, be said to be very cordial and respectful. There has not been any public spat between father and daughter, and neither has she granted an interview where she berated her father for whatever shortcomings. She has also never posted any derogatory comments about her father on any of her Social Media handles or online reels.

The involvement of Johnny McCullar in her daughter’s childhood upbringing and life is not well known, but it seems that she is far closer to her mother, Kecia Pratt than her father. She has posted pictures of her mother a few times on her Instagram handle, but she has not posted any of her father’s pictures to date.


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