Meet Olu Jacobs Children: Olusoji, Olugbenga and Dayo Who Died At Age 10

Veteran actor Olu Jacobs is married to actress Joke Silva in a union that has lasted a record 35 years and counting. The actor and his wife had three children; Dayo, Olusoji, and Olugbenga Jacobs. They lost their daughter Dayo Jacobs in 1997; hence they have only two sons. 

Olu Jacobs is celebrated worldwide for his undeniable talent, charisma, and brilliance. Like fine wine, he seems to get better with age. The actor, who is very particular about his family, has stressed that his children and wife remain one of the most treasured parts of his life. This could not have been truer considering how attentive his family has been since his recent health challenges. 

Olu Jacobs Has Been Married to Joke Silva For 35 Years

Looking at the beautiful union between Olu Jacobs and his wife, it is safe to say that celebrity marriages can stand the test of time as long as both parties are willing to put in the work. Moreover, many people have asked and wondered if Jacobs is legally married to Joke Silva who has refused to change her name for decades in the movie industry. The husband admits that he is fine with her maiden name because she was already an actress who was doing well with her maiden name before they got married so it made no sense to deprive his wife and her fans of the name for his own convenience. He even pointed out that she might be Miss Joke Silva outside but she is always Mrs. Joke Jacobs at home.

It is pertinent to mention here that Joke Silva is very much a successful celebrity in her own right. She is one of the most respected women in the Nigerian entertainment and movie industry. She is an astute businesswoman, award-winning actress, and movie director.

Jacobs made it known that their love was the case of love at first sight. In 1981, they met during a production meeting for Jero’s Metamorphosis, Wole Soyinka’s work at the National Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos. He was playing the role of “Brother Jero” and co-directing when she walked in and instantly, he knew this is the woman he’s going to marry. Olu Jacobs proposed to her in Tunisia while on the set of the movie The Pirate. The movie was directed by Roman Polansky. She had gone to pay him a brief visit from her drama school in London when the proposal happened. In 1989, they got married in a very befitting ceremony.

Joke Silva, who has successfully managed her family and career, made it known during an interview that what has kept her family standing is that, in everything she does, her family always comes first. She doesn’t allow her career to take the place of her family. The talented actress has been able to prioritize her family above other things and with the help of domestic workers, it’s been easy running the affairs of her home coupled with her career.

When asked what got her attracted to Olu Jacobs, she said; “his sense of fun and style.” He has a great dress sense, a lovely sense of humor, and did his work with much passion. The couple has been in the movie industry since the 1970s. Today, they are seen as a bridge between the old and new actors or actresses and referred to as Godfather and Godmother.

Olu Jacobs Has Two Surviving Children

Olu Jacobs’s and his wife Joke Silva had three children. They are Dayo, Olusoji, and Olugbenga Jacobs.

Olu Jacobs Lost His First Child When She Was Ten Years Old

One of the true tests of any union or family is how they cope when they go through a phenomenal loss like the death of a child. This has been a breaking point for several couples. Olu Jacobs and his wife welcomed their first daughter – Dayo Jacobs in 1987. Dayo was very close to her father and grandmother. Unfortunately, in 1997 when she was just 10 years of age, she died due to an undisclosed illness. She was actually placed on a life support machine for a while as her father didn’t want to let her go. They later made the decision to remove her from support to end her struggle and pain.

Olusoji Jacobs

  • Full Name: Olusoji Jacobs
  • Date of Birth: 23rd of June 1988
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Education: Cameron University in Oklahoma
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: Boma Douglas

Olusoji is the eldest son and is now regarded as the first child of Olu Jacobs after his sister’s death. Olusoji was born 23rd of June 1988 and bears a striking resemblance to his father. He studied at Cameron University in Oklahoma. After graduation, he returned to Nigeria to help manage his parent’s companies and investments. He has worked in several capacities at Lufodo Group. He initially worked as the head of accounts and logistics, and then interim director of studies at Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts. Since December 2012, he has worked as the General Manager of the Lufodo group.

In 2018, he got married to his heartthrob, Boma Douglas, who is a native of Buguma in Rivers state. According to reports, over 10 million naira was spent on their wedding. The white wedding took place in Lagos and the traditional wedding in Rivers State at the bride’s hometown. Their wedding was graced by celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Olusoji’s wife Boma is a big part of the family because she doesn’t refer to herself as a daughter-in-law but, a daughter to Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva. She is passionate about people staying sane and thus a Mental Health Advocate and Public Speaker. In 2019, the couple had their first child, a baby girl in Maryland, United States of America.

Olugbenga Jacobs

  • Full Name: Olugbenga Oluwapamilerinayo Jacobs
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Education: American University of Nigeria (AUN)
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva’s second child is Olugbenga Jacobs. He graduated from the American University of Nigeria (AUN) on 10th July 2021 and lovely pictures of him and his mother made the rounds on social media. The couple has tried their best to shield their children from the unnecessary attention of the media and social media. Olu Jacob’s children seem to prefer a private and simple life.

Are Any Of Olu Jacobs Children Actors?

Considering how talented Olu Jacobs and his wife are, it’s a surprise that none of their children has chosen to follow in their footsteps. While their first son manages the majority of their finances, investments, and companies, their second child recently graduated from university and hasn’t shown any inclination of going into acting. We continue to keep our fingers crossed though. And even though Olu Jacobs children are yet to have the wealth, influence, and success of their father who has built his life, career, and businesses for decades, they are both doing exceptionally well.


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